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Remember all those great movies you saw as a kid? I fondly remember movies like Indian Jones And The Temple Of Doom, The Goonies, Jurassic Park, Batman, and Independence Day just to name a few. There are few things I remember as vividly as films I watched as a kid. That’s when I heard there is a Podcast about movies watched growing up I had to write about it.

The name of the Podcast is ‘I Seen That’ where Taylor and Allen discuss their favorite formative years movies. Taylor and Allen have been best friends since 3rd grade (1997) and during that time both of them have loved movies and TV shows, but could never agree on which ones were good. Now 20 years later Taylor and Allen still disagree. They love making the podcast, but need Patreon to make it better.

Support Taylor and Allen: https://www.patreon.com/Iseenthat

What’s also interesting about the Podcast is as one grows up your tastes in movies changes. So how do you discuss a movie that you once thought was good, but now think is horrible? I would think all the kids watching and liking the Michael Bay Transformers will eventually have that reaction.

I Seen That Podcast

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several Patreon rewards for this campaign. $1 gets you access to the Podcasts a whole week early. $5 lets you suggest a movie. $10 gets you an exclusive Podcast.

Help Taylor and Allen of ‘I See That’ reach their Patreon goal today.


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Debbie Lynn Is Creating Music Needs Patreon Support

Debbie Lynn is doing something very unique in the realm of Country Music. Debbie is a transgender male to female Country Western Singer. Debbie enjoys older country music and writing her own music as well. Debbie Lynn is standing up for LGBT Rights in a way nobody has done before. She is using the platform of country music to further expand the rights of the LGBT community all over the world.

Support Debbie Lynn’s mission on Patreon:


“Through my music I will stand up for the rights for the LGBTQ because I care.”

What Are The Perks?

Donate at the $1 level and get access to Patron only content, sneak peeks, and exclusive polls. There is another $1 level where users get high quality digital downloads, behind the scenes content, and all previous rewards.

Debbie Patreon

Debbie’s Patreon page.

Watch Debbie On YouTube

The YouTube Channel has lots of videos and already over 500 subscribers.

Fans can also purchase her music on eMusic:


The idea is very unique, I haven’t heard of anyone else doing this. Expanding awareness of LGBTQ rights while playing country music. Since this is so different than what I’ve seen in traditional country music I have no doubt Debbie Lynn will get traction for this Patreon campaign. Good luck to this Patreon and Debbie’s mission.

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BubblrMedia New Media Network Facebook Channel

BubblrMedia is creating a New Media Network on Facebook and needs your Patreon support. BubblrMedia currently has 7 Patrons, but needs lots more to reach his goal of creating the New Media Channel. If you don’t already know who they are BubblrMedia is a modern water cooler of live streaming refreshment. They bring a vast array of creators from around the globe to one convenient location.

Support Bubblr Media on Patreon:


BubblrMedia is a collaborative platform has been developed to not only bring audiences together to engage and be entertained by their favorite creators but also to lift creators to new heights.
BubblrMedia has a Patreon goal of $5,000 and so far they have raised money from 7 patrons. The $5,000 will go to paying for our website, multimedia promotion for our creators, and a multi-city launch party, with special appearances by our creators and leadership team.

What Are The Perks?

$1 gets you a big thank you! $5 or more per month gets you a personalized video message from one of the BubblrMedia. $10 gets you previous rewards plus access to the “After Party” PRIVATE Facebook Group where everyone goes after the live broadcast is over and the real talk is just starting. $15 gets you previous rewards plus behind the scenes. The rewards go all the way up to $50/month were one gets all previous rewards plus exclusive tutorials from Bubblr Experts and access to our webinars with new topics every month.

Want To Know More?

Watch the BubblrMedia promo video on Youtube.

Make BubblrMedia’s dream a reality and consider donating to their Patreon campaign today.

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Gary Sherwin Author Of Immortalis On Patreon

Gary Sherwin author of Immortalis The Fallen needs your support on Patreon. Sherwin has been a professional writer for nearly a year, Immortalis is his first book. If you enjoy sci-fi, horror, and thriller themes mixed into novel consider supporting Sherwin’s Patreon campaign today at https://www.patreon.com/Gsherwin. The world needs more writers like Gary Sherwin.

Gary has one big issue he needs Patreon’s help with. Sherwin can write far faster than he can afford to publish his creations. That’s where all the good people in the Patreon community come in. This Patreon campaign will help the author with editing, advertising, and everything else that’s associated with marketing.

The book currently gets 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. One testimonial on Amazon reads “WOW!! what a BEGINNING! I loved the opening pages of the prologue, the intrigue and the suspense was mind blowing… Gave me goosebumps. G. M. Sherwin’s brilliant debut, Immortalis, is one of the best books I have read in 2017 (Dr.shalini).”

What Are The Rewards?

The $1 donation level gets you access to Patreon only content and sneak peak photos. $3/month gets you behind the scenes, all previous rewards, access to alpha advanced group on Facebook Sherwin Publications, and digital copy of books before their release. The rewards go all the way up to $50 and that will get you all the previous rewards plus a signed copy of the book!

Patreon Book Gary Sherwin

There is no specific goal to this campaign other than to get monthly donors.

Gary Sherwin has enjoyed reading since he was a child, getting lost in other worlds created by great writers. Finally, Sherwin in his early 20s, began to write and create his own works filled with mystery and rich characters. After a long struggle perfecting his technique a first book was created. Make sure Gary Sherwin can continue his life long dream of being a professional writer by supporting the Patreon campaign today.

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Support RC Airplane Videos By RcFlyAddict

  • July 6, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
  • Comments Off on Support RC Airplane Videos By RcFlyAddict

RcFlyAddict is creating RC Airplane Videos on Patreon and needs your help. RcFlyAddict is just your typical RC Airplane enthusiast, but unlike others he’s making great remote control flying videos. His specialty is model airplanes, some planes are built from scratch and others purchased. Support RcFlyAddict’s obsession which started at age 40 by the way on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RcFlyAddict

RcFlyAddict has built over 40 foam airplanes in the first four years of being in this hobby. By now he has a lot of experience in selecting RC components and choosing right setup for one’s flying vehicles. RcFlyAddict shares absolutely everything he’s learned regarding RC Airplanes with his viewers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBoe6mhpzwxyoE5glOHLA1Q. Right now his YouTube channel has 269 subscribers. The cool part about Fly Addict’s videos is they are varied, some are tutorials, while others are aerial RC flying footage. It’s not simply video being filmed standing from the ground, a lot of effort went into the production of RC’s videos. RC will even give you one on one help if you e-mail him! That alone is worth a Patreon contribution.

What Bonuses Do I Get?

With your Patreon pledge there are a plethora of bonuses to be had. For example pledge just $1 and give suggestions on topics RC should cover. Pledge $5 and get all the videos early. At $10 get mentioned in RC’s videos plus previous rewards. The total goal is $1,000 per month and he’s already received $12 of that amount.

RC Airplane Videos

Where’s The Money Going?

RC says he definitively needs good camera as all his recordings are made with mobile phone or Mobius Sports cam. This needs to change.

On RCFlyAddict’s page he’s posted the statement “Every pledge can make a BIG difference.” With Patreon that’s very true since 100% of the funds go directly to the content creator.

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Steve Nguyen Illustrations And Short Animations

  • July 4, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
  • Comments Off on Steve Nguyen Illustrations And Short Animations

Do you like illustrations and short animations? Steve Nguyen is creating just that and needs your support on Patreon. Patreon will give Nguyen the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people who support independent artists. Help Steve Nguyen reach his $10,000 goal visit: https://www.patreon.com/steve_nguyen

Steve Nguyen is an independent artist from LA who is interested in experimental art forms like animation and music. He’s also the creator of Studio APA, a artist collective that focuses on using your imagination to create amazing works of art. The video below gives you just a taste of the amazing art he’s creating, check it out.

As you can see Studio APA has already gained quit a following at 3.9 K subscribers, 749 likes on just this one video, and almost 4,000 subscribers!

What Do I Get?

You’ll not only be supporting great artistic talent you’ll also be getting bonuses for your support. At the $50 level get a personalized black and white image for a week. At $200 get personalized sketched digital drawing, so cool! At $500 or more get a 30 second animated clip of whatever comes to your imagination.

Steve Patreon


What Will Steve Nguyen Do Once He Reaches The $10,000 Goal?

When Steve reaches $10,000, he will donate 50% of it to Theirworld, an innovative charity which helps children to fulfill their potential. You will not only be helping advance someone’s career, but also help a great cause.

Visit Steve Nguyen’s Patreon page today and donate!

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