Hate The Sound Of Laughter? Introducing Kill The Cann

  • March 29, 2017
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Does the sound of laughter drive you up a wall? Are you similar to the Grinch not being able to listen to all the happy Whos in Whoville? If the answer is yes than I have a new product for you! I’m exaggerating a bit, but the product is called Kill The Cann. The purpose of Kill The Cann is to eliminate that annoying, fake, canned laughter on TV. Finally! Where was this in the 80s and 90s? Support the new Kickstarter here:


When you think about it, it does seem kind of strange that there are laugh tracks over your favorite TV shows. It’s almost like they don’t trust the audience to know what’s a joke and what is not. It’s a little condescending if you ask me.

Kickstarter laugh

Why This Product Was Created

“For some of us, it is really annoying! For viewers, canned laughter can distort the dialogue, make it hard to hear clearly or understand, or simply insert laughs in places that you don’t think are funny. Some of us really don’t like laugh tracks and wondered if a device could be built to remove the canned laughter. As scientists with expertise in image and audio signal processing, as well as speech and vocalization analysis, we were all intrigued. Undesirable canned laughter is definitely a “sound” issue – which is right up our alley. A survey of others revealed this was a common issue. Over 80% of our survey audience replied that laugh tracks on television shows annoyed them. Armed with that insight, we decided to design a simple do-it-yourself solution that anyone could use with his/her own TV.”

Kill The Can Laughter

What Product Does

“Kill The Cann (KTC) reduces or removes laughter from the television audio using our?advanced signal processing algorithm?(patent pending). Our design works with existing HDMI streaming devices like your DVR and Chromecast, by simply connecting the HDMI cable of your DVR to?our device and then connecting it to your TV. It is very simple to use. Just turn on the switch to suppress laughter in any show you are watching. The available audio tracks of a multi-track television program are processed to remove or reduce certain components of the program, especially audience sounds. This applies to any program which is supplied with several audio channels, whether provided by cable, DVD, Internet streaming, or otherwise.”

How It Works

“A single, multi-channel electronic audio stream enters from the left and is split into single channels. ?The channels are collectively processed in block P above and reassembled into a multi-channel audio stream, which is output on the right. In the middle, the audio streams are filtered in several ways to isolate the audience sounds to be removed or reduced. To understand what we do, you need to know how audio engineers assemble the sounds of a sitcom. Generally, music/special effects get a left and right channel, the left and right sides of the audience get left and right channels, and one channel is dedicated to low-frequency sounds (bass). Finally, the performers get one channel – which they share with the middle of the audience. In our processing, each of the audience tracks and the performance track get special attention.”

When I saw this product, it got me thinking where was this product in the 80s and 90s at the height of sit com popularity? How much more enjoyable would Friends or Seinfeld be without the annoying laugh tracks? I think audiences today are much more sophisticated, laugh tracks are not even close to being necessary. If you are re-watching Friends episodes on Netflix just think how useful this product would be? Please consider supporting Kill the Cann’s $54,000 goal on Kickstarter today.


Cursed Camp Studios Making Replica Hockey Masks On Patreon

  • January 10, 2017
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Ryan Brasier of Cursed Camp Studios is making replica hockey masks, tutorials, and expanding horror art on Patreon. Support his love of hockey masks and horror at https://www.patreon.com/cursedcampstudios. Ryan Brasier owns and operates Cursed Camp Studios. Brasier is an independent artist currently producing his own replica horror hockey masks.

You may recognize some of these replica masks from your favorite horror movies over the years. The set Patreon goal is set at only $100/month, which is very reasonable. He’s already met $35 of that goal per month. Pledges start at only $1/month with rewards including Patreon only content as well as works in progress.

Cursed Camp Studios

Who Is Ryan Brasier?

“I have been an artist my entire life and use several types of mediums. Sculpture, painting, pencil, ink, and photography are just a few. My studio started as a hobby to for me to work on projects. Fortunately, as life would have it, I came upon a unique opportunity to be able to work on my art on a full time basis. Building my studio has been a process and I would like to continue expanding my current studio to be able to do more types of art than what I am doing at this time. I have several ideas floating around my brain as well as some unfinished projects laying on the work table.
Having been a horror film fan since I was a kid, those movies gave me the inspiration to do my versions of the masks I am doing. I found a mass produced mask at a chain toy store and thought that would be great to have. When I got it home and looked at it closer, I realized that I could do that type of paint job. In 2011, after researching online, I was able to locate hockey mask blanks to purchase and paint up. Then I started a small company of my own in 2012. It was some time in 2013 that I was in a position to sculpt my own mold and vacuum form masks myself. Having been doing full size masks for a while, mini masks were next for me to offer. In 2014 is when I started doing the independent artist thing as a full time job. By 2015 I had opened an online store to be able to reach more people, and with that, things began to really take off. That allowed me to add to my services in one location and start offering buttons.”

What Do The Masks Look Like?

Hockey Masks

Why Is Cursed Camp Studios On Patreon?

“You may be wondering at this point, if things are going well then, why Patreon? Along the way of turning my hobby into a career I have had a lot of tips and advice from other great artists. Now I would like to give back to others by giving tips and making tutorials of my own. Also I would like to expand into other forms and mediums and begin to offer more than just hockey masks. Spending less time on marketing and social medias and more effort into my art is my next goal. I would like to be able to concentrate more on the types of art I enjoy doing and what you guys would like to be offered. No matter the outcome of this campaign, I am going to continue creating the art that I’m currently doing, but with Patreon, I really feel that I will be able to do more. I completely understand those who cannot or do not wish to support me in this. As for those of you that do, I sincerely appreciate it and you will be able to help personally with this endeavor. This page is going to be a work in progress and I feel if things go well, it will be an ever evolving experience.”

This is what Patreon is all about, supporting artists with unique passions such as creating horror hockey masks. Check out and support Ryan Brasier of Cursed Camp Studios on Patreon today.

Vet And Family GoFundMe Support

  • November 28, 2016
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Help support a vet and family on their GoFundMe page. Ray Ray and his family have been struggling day and night for years. GoFundMe is their last resort in trying to get their finances in order.

Interested in helping? Visit: https://www.gofundme.com/veteransupport001

Meet The Family

“We are a prior service family, I am a US Army Veteran   E-6 of 12 years, 10 active duty stationed in Europe and 2 national guard in Maine. I am married to my best friend, and have the best son (14) which I took care of from age 4 to now which I have fully adopted and couldn’t be more proud and my daughter (7) who is the most adorable loving girl and I could never ask for more, also couldn’t forget our 2 labs and 1 cat which we treat as our own babies lol.”

Go Fund Vet

What Happened

“Towards the end of my deployment I received an important message to call my Command Sergeant Major, this was the worst news I have ever received and wish not this happens to anybody. When I called he explained my wife was in a head on collision on the highway and she was sent to the hospital via life flight but passed away due to her injuries, and also that there were kids involved but didn’t know if they were mine at the time.

I had no clue what to do, I broke down, for the next 5 minutes before the next call I was in despair and felt I was in a dream. In the next call he told me my wife was revived, and in ICU but unsure if she would make it through the night, also the kids were from the other vehicle and also the other driver who were OK, I started my way back ASAP and it took a long 4 days with no updates on my wife’s status.

After several surgeries and therapy sessions later my wife was finally able to come home, although in a wheelchair for the next few months I didn’t care, it was December 24th and was the best dam Christmas present I could ever receive, she was safe and in my arms.”


Just 12 days ago family posted how close they are to reaching their goal. It’s amazing to see all the love and support coming from the GoFundMe community. Really glad people are willing to help and empathize with complete strangers.

This family still needs your help.

Visit their GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/veteransupport001

Beer Balancer Android App On Google

Beer Balancer Android App On Google

In the New Year a lot of you will be making resolutions. Help make 2015 the best year yet with this new unique app.

The Beer Balancer Android App is just the thing to help you get motivated for your workouts. The premise of the Beer Balancer App is it balances how intensely you need to workout based on your beer/alcohol drinking habits. For example the app might tell you earned 1 beer for 100 push ups. The Beer Balancer is a workout motivation technique that will add fun to exercise. Beer Balancing is earning alcoholic beverage consumption through physical exercise. It is a simple system to bring the user’s workout habits into equilibrium with their drinking habits. On the surface Beer Balancing is just a simple app to help the user keep track of their ‘balance’, but Beer Balancing also using gamification techniques to make the experience more engaging for the user. Ideally if you are working out you would want to severely limit your alcohol consumption, but I can see this app being a fun way to track your process. If you are interested in downloading the Beer Balancer App visit: Beer Balancing App

App screenshot:

Beer Balancer App

Here’s to 2015!

White Awake: Kickstarter Pitch

  • August 5, 2014
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Wide Awake Starring RJ Brown

Interesting pitch from Kickstarter. Sounds like a movie that needs to get funded. Check out the video below. I think this movie deals with lots of issues we face in the modern world.

“Darren wakes up the morning after his college graduation, and with patchy memories of last night tries to track down a mysterious girl.”

Watch the Wide Awake Kickstarter pitch below:

Click on link below for the Kickstarter campaign. Right now they have raised $8,876 of their $8,000 goal:


Misto Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer Product Review

  • June 15, 2014
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Misto Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer Product Review

Check out this product review by 9malls.com the parent company of this blog.

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