Hate The Sound Of Laughter? Introducing Kill The Cann

Does the sound of laughter drive you up a wall? Are you similar to the Grinch not being able to listen to all the happy Whos in Whoville? If the answer is yes than I have a new product for you! I’m exaggerating a bit, but the product is called Kill The Cann. The purpose of Kill The Cann is to eliminate that annoying, fake, canned laughter on TV. Finally! Where was this in the 80s and 90s? Support the new Kickstarter here:


When you think about it, it does seem kind of strange that there are laugh tracks over your favorite TV shows. It’s almost like they don’t trust the audience to know what’s a joke and what is not. It’s a little condescending if you ask me.

Kickstarter laugh

Why This Product Was Created

“For some of us, it is really annoying! For viewers, canned laughter can distort the dialogue, make it hard to hear clearly or understand, or simply insert laughs in places that you don’t think are funny. Some of us really don’t like laugh tracks and wondered if a device could be built to remove the canned laughter. As scientists with expertise in image and audio signal processing, as well as speech and vocalization analysis, we were all intrigued. Undesirable canned laughter is definitely a “sound” issue – which is right up our alley. A survey of others revealed this was a common issue. Over 80% of our survey audience replied that laugh tracks on television shows annoyed them. Armed with that insight, we decided to design a simple do-it-yourself solution that anyone could use with his/her own TV.”

Kill The Can Laughter

What Product Does

“Kill The Cann (KTC) reduces or removes laughter from the television audio using our?advanced signal processing algorithm?(patent pending). Our design works with existing HDMI streaming devices like your DVR and Chromecast, by simply connecting the HDMI cable of your DVR to?our device and then connecting it to your TV. It is very simple to use. Just turn on the switch to suppress laughter in any show you are watching. The available audio tracks of a multi-track television program are processed to remove or reduce certain components of the program, especially audience sounds. This applies to any program which is supplied with several audio channels, whether provided by cable, DVD, Internet streaming, or otherwise.”

How It Works

“A single, multi-channel electronic audio stream enters from the left and is split into single channels. ?The channels are collectively processed in block P above and reassembled into a multi-channel audio stream, which is output on the right. In the middle, the audio streams are filtered in several ways to isolate the audience sounds to be removed or reduced. To understand what we do, you need to know how audio engineers assemble the sounds of a sitcom. Generally, music/special effects get a left and right channel, the left and right sides of the audience get left and right channels, and one channel is dedicated to low-frequency sounds (bass). Finally, the performers get one channel – which they share with the middle of the audience. In our processing, each of the audience tracks and the performance track get special attention.”

When I saw this product, it got me thinking where was this product in the 80s and 90s at the height of sit com popularity? How much more enjoyable would Friends or Seinfeld be without the annoying laugh tracks? I think audiences today are much more sophisticated, laugh tracks are not even close to being necessary. If you are re-watching Friends episodes on Netflix just think how useful this product would be? Please consider supporting Kill the Cann’s $54,000 goal on Kickstarter today.


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Need Donations? Try Gift Card Tank

Finally an easy way to raise money for non-profits, schools, and political organizations. Introducing GiftCardTank.com. Need money? Gift Card Tank can help. For more details visit: https://www.giftcardtank

The process couldn’t be more simple. First, register your account, and then spread the word that you accept gift cards as donations! Gift Card Tank provides a default page you can use or you can add the form to your web page.


How Much Does It Cost?

“Gift Card Tank is a free service. The are no monthly service charges and no setup fee. Gift Card Tank will retain a fee from the proceeds of each card which will cover expenses. This fee includes shipping, processing, and any additional fees incurred as part of the transaction. As well as keeping the service online and functional.”

Find the FAQ here:


If you are a school, government, or non-profit that needs to raise money consider Gift Card Tank for your next fundraising campaign.

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Moving Gone Wrong Fund GoFundMe

  • March 9, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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What happens when you just get married, move, and it all of a sudden goes terribly wrong? Thanks to crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, you turn to them, that’s what happens. Imagine getting married, moving to a new state, but suddenly the car breaks down. Next thing you know there are a series of unfortunate events including: 50 mile towing, purchasing a new alternator, getting a hotel room, and finally renting a car. The GoFundMe goal is set at a reasonable $2,000. Help this couple get back on their feet and back on the road to happily ever after.

Visit the GoFundMe page and consider donating today:


The Complete Story

“We recently got married and immediately moved to Utah. On the way to Utah our car broke down in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and we ended up having to pay for a 50-mile tow, a new alternator, a hotel room, and a rental car. We did not plan on having these expenses and it has really put us in a tough financial situation. I am asking for some help to get out and back on our feet. We are both in college and trying our best to make it month to month. We sincerely appreciate anything you can give to help. Anything extra donated will go to help us pay for college. We are both working 20+ hours a week and full-time students. If you can’t donate a share would be much appreciated.”

Meet The Couple

Meet couple

This is what the happy couple looked like on their wedding day before all this happened. If goal is funded the smiles will surely return back to their faces.

The Go Fund Me camapaign at the time of this article was created 22 hours ago and currently has zero backers. Help this couple in need. Become their first donor today:





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GoodGrid First Mac Slicing App On Kickstarter

  • March 7, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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GoodGrid is the first Mac Slicing App that produces creative collages, Polyscape, and much more, within seconds. It’s a app that the makers claim to be powerful yet extremely easy to use. With GoodGrid you can get creative within seconds or simply let GoodGrid suggest automatic layouts for you and go from there.

GoodGrid makes being creative with your photos easy and fun, but to further develop the app they need your help on Kickstarter. Visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2071365832/goodgrid-first-mac-slicing-app-collages-polyscape

The app makes beginners creative and saves lots of time for creative people. Complex collages, for example, can be created in less 5 minutes using this app while Photoshop takes 2+ hours.


Why GoodGrid? 

“Collages combine any number of photos to an emotional story, no matter if you use it as a facebook banner, Christmas card or in a photo-book. Polyscape combines scenes in so many beautiful ways. It is one of the many attractive abstract art forms that, GoodGrid opens the doors for wide. Before GoodGrid, dedicated collage apps where extremely limiting, to become creative you had to spend hours with professional creative tools – which can do everything, but are simply not dedicated to this work.”

What Collages Look Like

What It Looks Like

What Pollyscapes Look Like

Polyscape Tower  Polyscape Sun

Why Kickstarter? 

1) Help us get GoodGrid off the ground, so it can soon make everybody happy, from cellphone-photographers to professionals. We need to take time away from our other projects to turn GoodGrid into a rock solid, easy to use Mac App with all the features we want others to have.

2) GoodGrid is Édouard’s Wish-App and it can become your dream: Your input can influence GoodGrid’s features! Supporters can get involved from day one! GoodGrid will be an absolute dream App and even today there is nothing to compare – not even a combination of tools.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards from the GoodGrid Kickstater Campaign. €5+ gets you into beta, users pledge without reward; €20 beta and license, €50 gets you beta, licenses, special iOS product; €500 gets you a sponsored banner for a year; €750 gets you dinner with team, and all other previous rewards; €1000 gets you a larger sponsored banner; and finally €2000 gets you an even larger sponsored banner.

What Are The Challenges?

“There is basically no risk. We have made many apps before as you can see on our Website https://www.TheKeptPromise.com and GoodGrid already has a working Prototype. GoodGrid is already crazy creative and we will do our best to put your wishes in there, but please know we cannot satisfy every wish, especially since users wishes can contradict each other. We will pick all that make sense and are possible in our given time frame to make sure nothing will go wrong.”

Still Want To Know How It Works? Watch This Video

GoodGrid unleashes your creativity. As you can see from the example it creates collages, Polyscape, and much more within seconds. Please consider supporting the GoGrid Kickstarter today so this useful app can continue getting even better.

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Rainbow Good New Fundraising Project

  • March 6, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Rainbow Funding Cards enable safe, convenient contributions to even the smallest of causes. Rainbow Good allows you to contribute to your favorite causes without cash. Rainbow Funding is usually supporting other organizations besides themselves, but they need your help for a change. Their newest fundraising project is to help them their marketing budget. Contribute to their $1,000 goal here:


Rainbow Good

Rainbow Funding’s newest project includes donation levels set at $10 (Marketing), $20 (Pays for someone to receive 100 Rainbow Good Cards), and finally $100 (Helps someone sponsor a caring event). Users have a choice of either one time or recurring donations.

How Does Site Work?

1) Register on our site for a free account number.

2) Purchase the 100 free Rainbow Good cards with the discount code. Pay only a small amount for shipping and handing.

3) Be sure to check the box requesting your account number to be printed on the cards.

4) Receive your cards within 10 days.

5) Start your fundraiser, event, crowdfunding session.

6) Hand out your cards to donors without cash who can donate to your cause or product launch through our website.

Watch This Video

What Charity Types Are These Cards For?

“We publish campaigns for any type of charity, any size non-profit, any fundraising effort for any type of product including new startups and tech products.”

I really like the idea of raising money for charity without cash. It makes raising money for charity easier for both parties, the donor and organization. Once again if you would like to support Rainbow Good visit their web site:


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Detect Gold With This App On Patreon

  • March 2, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Here’s another unique offer from Patreon that I think my readers will enjoy. A man by the name of William Fox is creating a app called ‘Unique Metal Detectors’ that will actually detect gold. You heard right. This app will actually detect gold.

Before one had to purchase equipment costing $12,000. William Fox’s goal is to change that paradigm with the Unique Metal Detectors app. With the help of this Patreon if successful you will be able to actually detect paying gold for a few hundred dollars using your phone.

Visit: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3339960

William Fox Metal Detector

What’s The Goal?

“It’s my goal to create gold detection apps as mods. I’ve proven they will find gold by working with samples and testing for years in the field. As well I can modify cameras to do the same for a few hundred dollars. There is actually no real camera that will detect gold and gems.”

Who Is William Fox?

“I have a B.Sc majoring in Earth Sciences and have been looking at the cheapest alternative for about 15 years.”

What Campaign Is About

“Inventing metal detectors is inspiring but it helps to have some R&D money for things like videos, and tools to make the actual detectors for testing.”

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards to this Patreon campaign. $3 gets you process and tutorial videos. $5 gets you process and tutorial videos high quality video downloads monthly desktop wallpapers, $100 gets you a recorded video message personalized for you. Also, $100 pledge includes process  and tutorial videos, high quality video downloads, and monthly desktop wallpapers.

If finding gold with just your cell phone interests you please consider supporting Unique Metal Detectors’ by William Fox today:


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