Jeremy Belter 1 Million Transformations On Patreon

Have you ever felt stuck or that you needed a change? Are you just going through the motions? Do you want to improve your fitness, health, and wellness? Do you want to be held accountable? Do you want to lose weight or learn to manage it? Are you interested in improving your wellness?
If the answer is yes to any of those questions consider supporting Jeremy Belter who is creating one million transformations on Patreon. Find Belter at:

Transform For Million

Jeremy Belter grew up in rural Minnesota where he developed an appreciation for hard work and All American values. Belter then went on to graduate from college, start a career in the fitness world, and become a business owner. He has now over 10,000 students online, but he wants to expand that influence further. The vision of 1 Million Transformations is to educate, empower, and encourage 1 million people or more to transform their lives forever. Their mission is to create content, ideas, and action plans that foster permanent transformations one person at a time. The goal is just getting started with 2 out of 100 patrons funding the ambitious campaign. Give just $1 and you will be apart of this 1,000,000 positive transformation mission.

For $1 or more per month you will get access to Patreon only content, one digital download and video, and patron only polls. $2 or more gets you quality videos, tips and ideas. $10 or more gets you a private online community, monthly patron only livestream, online program of your choice, and all previous rewards. $100 or more gets you live video hangouts, all previous rewards, one workout a month, and one video chat. $1000 or more per month gets you a transformation seminar and one day of coaching mastermind, and all previous rewards. $5000 or more per month gets you a transformation seminar and wellness retreat and all previous rewards.

Where Will The Money Go?

“The money will go to better equipment, more access and videos, website creation, online programs, improved rewards for Patrons, and most importantly to help more people “Be The Transformation”. You have a guarantee that in the end all money will be used to create and implement a bigger vision and mission.”


The world needs more Jeremy Belters. More people looking to make a positive impact on this world. More people, like Seth Godin says, not needing or “asking permission.” We need leaders taking action right now to lead society in a positive direction. Support just that type of person, donate to Jeremy Belter’s Patreon page today.

Original Songs, Music Videos, and Songwriting Lessons By North Easton

  • September 7, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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North Easton is creating original songs, music videos, and giving songwriting lessons. He needs your support on Patreon to raise $250 per music video. So far North Easton has reached $105 of that amount, but has more to go. Visit and support Easton’s Patreon page to ensure he can continue doing what he loves.

North Easton writes songs. Heartfelt, dynamic, energetic, emotional songs. He has been touring for many years in North America playing to audiences of all sizes. Festivals, house concerts, music venues, theaters and basically every where an audience will stop and listen to what it is he does. He is a passionate story teller, and it has been said that the experience of his stories rivals the show he puts on itself. But like so many musical artists in the world, he gives everything he is to the stage and the music he creates and comes out the other side with little left in his pockets.

North says “Regardless of what I make doing what I do, I will never stop. It’s in my heart and even if no one was listening I would create the songs I do”

North Easton Patreon

North recently stumbled across a web platform that might be a game changer. A place where artists and fans can reward each other for what they give and get. Rewards are set up for contributors so they pay small amounts for each creation that the artist turns out. And in turn they have access to cool merchandise, downloadable songs, the inside scoop, lessons in songwriting, and inspirational words and images that he is known for.

Some of us gladly pay upwards of $5 every day for a cup of coffee, sometimes 2 of them. We pay $1 – $2 every time we draw money from our own banks. We over pay for gas, cable t.v., cell phones, junk food and a huge list of other things that are truly consumable.

But music?…

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Picture a movie without it. Think of a dance you’ve had with someone…now turn the music off. Radio, cell phone ring tones, music you put on in the background while you work, eat, sleep. Its value is high…its compensation…low.

Come have a look at what North Easton is doing. He’s making songs…videos…all kinds of creations and sharing them for whatever you think they are worth.

North Easton spends his time in writing and performing his original songs in Nashville, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and heading off soon to Australia. Check out his journey, listen to his music and follow what he is up to on the website called PATREON. Visit North Easton’s Patreon page today and help him reach his goal.

PC/Mobile Games By Interlight Studio On Patreon

  • September 1, 2017
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Are you a mobile and PC Games fan? Interlight Studio is a new startup game development company developing the next generation of innovative PC and mobile games. They need your support on Patreon

Interlight Studios was founded in 2015. Interlight is a Game Development company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They are currently developing small, interesting and fun games of all genres and types. The companies current Patreon goal is a modest $500/month, so far they have raised $13 of that amount. Support their page today.

Ignoring market trends and quick selling fads, Interlight creates new and original games for their audience to experience; to feel and enjoy rather than to just play. Another thing Interlight is aiming to do here is to reconnect the burnt bridge between developers and gamers.

There are plenty of times companies only change their policies or games because they are losing money. Interlight Studios, however, wants to build and enjoy a relationship with their consumers; to interact and create content based on what their customer wants, while still imparting the message Interlight as creators intend to portray.

Interlight Studios releases their games in Alpha stage and Beta stage, and they want the community to tell them what they want to see, what they love or what they hate about their games. Feedback is very important to them.

What Kind Of Rewards Does Interlight Studio Offer?

$5 or more per month gets you special role and premium content. $15/month gives you all previous and early access to games, plus access to weekly podcast. $25 or more per month gets you all previous and an art request. The top dog at $50/month or more snags you all previous and in-game currency which you can spend on any of their games. Nice rewards!

Support Gamers Patreon

What Will The $500/month Go Towards?

Server maintenance, web hosting, RSS feed, firewall, and other. So basically all the boring critical stuff.


Interlight Studios wants to look and approach new ideas in a way that will get them noticed, but uphold and stick to their guns on what makes a game fun. Interlight Studios wants to build a network to share and educate other studios, and most importantly, they want to have fun making whatever we want. Consider supporting Interlight Studios on Patreon.

Geeked Out Solutions Home Automation How-To’s

  • August 23, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Geeked Out Solutions is creating home automation how-to videos on Patreon. Geeked Out Solutions will help you to fully understand as well as other AI and Home Automation products. This is something very unique in the world of online video. Help support his mission at

If you don’t already know what Mycroft AI is, it’s the “World’s only open source artificial intelligence platform. Install on your desktop, build on a Raspberry Pi” or just buy their voice assistant. Once again it’s open source software so anyone can freely use and edit it. The only catch is you have to code it yourself and that’s a difficult task especially if you don’t know anything about coding. That’s where Geeked Out Solutions comes in, “Videos featured will show you how to code your own custom assistant, tie it into your home automation items, and have a open source assistant.”

Geeked Out Solutions training doesn’t stop there. He will also offer “Training content on the Open Source Home Automation solution home assistant, to automate the day to day things in your house. Other videos and articles will go over python code development, chatbots, IFTTT, and other AI related products/technology.”

Video Topics

Video topics will include literally everything you’d like an AI to do. The ultimate goal is to get funding from Patreon and turn that into a web site and more formal training materials down the road. Topics include python tutorials, mycroft tutorials, docker setup’s for mycroft and other applications, IoT home automation tools and how to’s, IFTTT recipes, and lots more. It’s amazing, I remember buying $100-$200 textbooks in college and now you can get the best, most current teaching material online for free. That’s why we as a community need to support anyone creating good content like Geeked Out Solutions.

Geeked Out Solutions

Any Rewards?

$1 gets you access to upcoming topics and give feedback, $5 per month gives you free support, access to new training, access to exclusive training, custom discord channel, and live Google handout. $10 or more per month gives you custom support, shared access to cloud mycroft, higher vote weight for new content, and two extra votes for released content. $25 gives you free troubleshooting session and access to cloud mycroft. $45 or more per month gives you free one hour mycroft session, free basic 20 conversation bot, highest support channel, own channel on Discord, and free one per month basic skill creating.

Look at all the rewards! These are some of the best rewards I’ve seen. Just look at the $45/month reward! That’s about half my cable bill and you get an expert to help you with your AI and home automation products. If this is something you’d be interested in I’d say drop your excess expenses like cable and invest in something you care about like Geeked Out Solutions. Invest in yourself for a change, invest in your future instead of sitting idle. Get them before all of Geeked Out Solutions becomes paid content.

Kita The Explorer Travel Vlogs On Patreon

  • July 30, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Kita The Explorer is creating travel vlogs and needs your help on Patreon. Kita The Explorer would like to travel the world while saving the planet. She’s a travel adventure vlogger, travel counselor, and travel environmentalist. Support her Patreon campaign today visit:

To make Kita The Explorer’s new travel adventures a reality she wants to raise at least $20 the first month. Kita is well on her way with $14 per travel vlog. There are only a few things as exciting as travelling around the world. Kita has figured out a way to turn her passion for travel into a business and opportunity to help the planet.

See What It’s All About

It all started on Kita’s first international trip where she filmed her first vlog. She started expanding on this idea with more travel, helping the environment, and applying her skills in accounting. She does all of this which is something that no other travel vlogger does.

See Kita In Cuba!

Also, be sure to check out Kita’s “awkward conversations” video on her YouTube page, really interesting.

What Are The Rewards?

Contribute $1 and get your name in video credits. $2 gets you the vlogs early. $5 gets you featured in one of Kita’s travel courses. $10 or more gets you travel counseling, 40% off the regular price.

Kita The Explorer looks forward to changing the world through her travel vlogging journey. Support Kita today on Patreon.

Debbie Lynn Is Creating Music Needs Patreon Support

  • July 24, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Debbie Lynn is doing something very unique in the realm of Country Music. Debbie is a transgender male to female Country Western Singer. Debbie enjoys older country music and writing her own music as well. Debbie Lynn is standing up for LGBT Rights in a way nobody has done before. She is using the platform of country music to further expand the rights of the LGBT community all over the world.

Support Debbie Lynn’s mission on Patreon:

“Through my music I will stand up for the rights for the LGBTQ because I care.”

What Are The Perks?

Donate at the $1 level and get access to Patron only content, sneak peeks, and exclusive polls. There is another $1 level where users get high quality digital downloads, behind the scenes content, and all previous rewards.

Debbie Patreon

Debbie’s Patreon page.

Watch Debbie On YouTube

The YouTube Channel has lots of videos and already over 500 subscribers.

Fans can also purchase her music on eMusic:

The idea is very unique, I haven’t heard of anyone else doing this. Expanding awareness of LGBTQ rights while playing country music. Since this is so different than what I’ve seen in traditional country music I have no doubt Debbie Lynn will get traction for this Patreon campaign. Good luck to this Patreon and Debbie’s mission.

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