BKindy.com, The Burger King Indiana Jones $10,000 Daily DIG

  • May 15, 2008
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It seems out of all the fast food restaurants Burger King takes advantage of viral marketing the most often (think subservient chicken a few years ago, http://www.subservientchicken.com) . To tie in with the new highly anticipated thus highly marketed Indiana Jones movie Burger King has launched BKIndy.com. BK meaning Burger King and Indy of course meaning Indiana Jones. Simply go to BK Indy sign up and enter your “DIG” code. Everyday Burger King will give away $10,000 to the one talented winner who digs up the treasure. On the “DIG” virtual world game map it states, “Enter your code, then watch the beam, when your gut says it’s the right time click DIG.” Good luck my friends!

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