Gas Saving Strategies That May Surprise You


1) Turn off your lights during the day time. Electrical equipment is powered from the alternator which will increase its burden on the engine to produce more power.

Speed Limit

2) Drive the speed limit. “Every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional 21 cents per gallon for gas (”

Cruise Control

3) Use cruise control which can help improve fuel consumptions rates up to 10%.


4) Check air filters, spark plugs, and tire pressure. “For tires, every pound under the recommendation accounts for a loss of 2% in miles per gallon (”


5) Reduce total car weight by taking out your spare tire, tire jack, and general clutter. Anything you can do to make your car weigh less will improve its gas mileage. This includes not completely filling up the gas tank. Instead try filling it ¼ of the way to reduce total weight.

Gas Grade

6) Switch from premium to regular gas. This works for many vehicles that recommend premium only. According to Clark Howard of the Clark Howard radio show, “Only about 5 percent of cars in the country really need premium gas, yet 20 percent of all gas sold is premium (” Edmunds further backs up Mr. Howard’s statement in this article

Warehouse Clubs

7) Only buy your gas from discount clubs saving you 5-15 cents a gallon.

Air Conditioning

Try not to use the air conditioner if you don’t have to.


9) “Use steel-belted radial tires. They increase gas mileage up to 10% (”

Credit Card

10) Look into discount gas card offers like the one offered by Discover Card which offers 5% cash back on gas purchases.

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