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Want to make money online? One of easiest ways to break into the world of making a living online is by starting a blog. There is nothing that gets indexed faster in the major search engines than articles you write for a blog. To get started you must first use the Web’s premiere blogging platform, WordPress. It’s easy to install with a web hosting company I recommend called HostGator.com. Host Gator automactically uploads WordPress for you when registering a web hosting package. Next, find a niche and write quality content on that subject. Be consistent and write daily. What if your English isn’t all that polished? Not to fear there’s a company called White Smoke that acts as a virtual editor. White Smoke isn’t just a basic spellchecker it’s a powerful software tool that improves and edits your English writing automatically. With White Smoke you will receive: Advanced grammar checking, community based spell checking, patented text enrichment, dictionary and thesaurus, and an auto correct feature. I can’t afford an expensive editor for this blog, but with White Smoke I don’t need one. CNN business 2.0 named White Smoke #5 out of 31 top business ideas in the world. There are several different versions of White Smoke including general writing, business writing, creative writing, legal writing, biotech writing, and the complete executive package. White Smoke is good for business writing, letter writing, essay writing, creative writing, e-mail, instant messaging, social media, and blogging. Whatever niche you decide to blog about, writing quality, polished, and grammatically correct content is the key to making money and succeeding long term online.

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  1. Barbara Says:

    I am extremely new at blogging- but it definately sounds like a vehicle I would get used to using! I am open to a variety of different subjects. So to whomever is reading this- please help me out. I wanna be successful at this. Whats next?






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