My Review of BANS, Build a Niche Store

  • August 12, 2008
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I decided to take the plunge into the world of BANS, Build a Niche Store about 2 weeks ago. So far I’m impressed with the results!

To start simply go to and purchase the product for $97.00. Next buy your web hosting from a company that supports BANS, called The Host Gator plan that I ordered is called “Baby” at $7.95/month with unlimited domain names. The Host Gator unlimited domain names feature is the key here because you don’t have to stop at just one BANS niche store on your web hosting account. I’m heard many BANS affiliates say that they have become “addicted” to building niche stores. This could be a problem down the road as more and more people use the BANS product and building stores on every imaginable keyword. This will lead to search engines recognizing the BANS script as spam and de-indexing these niche sites or not ranking them well in the search results. I think this WILL happen, it’s inevitable… that’s why you have to use BANS now while it’s still working. Build a Niche Store on their web site states that they plan on raising prices to lower demand of the product, so we’ll see what happens.

Finding Your BANS Niche

As of now BANS is working for me and other affiliates I’ve read. Simple choose a niche topic. One of the best ways to find a niche is to go to eBay Trends This link gives you popular searches broken down by category. It’s a priceless tool when finding your BANS niche. Next, visit Google and type in your niche keyword. How many search results are there? How much PPC competition is there? Click on the first three sites in the natural search results, what do they look like? Is there already a BANS store in this niche category? Next go to to see how many hits your niche keyword gets in a month. You ideally want a keyword that gets over 200 combined hits a month according to Combined meaning all the keyword variations grouped together. For example, lets say you choose to make a Tickle Me Elmo niche store. If you type in “Tickle Me Elmo” you’ll notice several keyword variations in the same niche theme. Add these up and see if they total 200. “Tickle me elmo 179,” “tickle me elmo extreme 4,” “tickle me elmo surprise 4.” keyword count is always low, so don’t worry about the 200 total search rule, there are more searches going on that that for your chosen niche keyword.

The BANS Installation Process

The set up process couldn’t be easier. Some affiliate blogs claim they could set up the BANS store script on their server in less than 15 minutes. I took a little longer at 1 hour. The BANS store set up directions I’m not kidding you when I say this are some of the most crystal clear and easy to understand instructions I’ve ever read. Really! You can literally follow them step by step and 10 out of 10 times have your BANS store up and running perfectly. Once your BANS store is set up you can start adding your eBay links. Simply enter your eBay “Campaign ID’ and your niche category number. Click the save button and like magic your pages is filled with your niche eBay item you want to sell. I’d recommend customizing your niche pages as much as possible with relative content, pictures, links to articles on your niche topic, etc. The goal is to make your BANS niche store to look and feel nothing like a BANS niche store. Customize the theme of the site, search “BANS free themes” or “BANS free templates” in Google for more selections. Like any site the goal is to always add content and BANS is no exception.

How’s My Site Doing?

In just 2 weeks I’ve made about $100. My site is already indexed in all the major search engines and gets ranked well on a couple non competitive keyword phrases. So my success is just alright, but I’m hopeful sales will pick up. I like the fact that there’s something new to try and at least for now seems to work for most people. Try out BANS store, sign up with Host Gator. Both companies offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Read the small print on their sites for more details.

Let me know your results with BANS!

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