Forget the Electric Car How About an Electric Bike?

Say what you want about Chinese imported goods, but one thing is for certain they’ve made products dirt cheap. Items that were once out of reach of the average consumer are now well within budget. Take for example the electric bike. In an August 2008 article in the Seattle Times titled, “Europeans love their electric bikes … made in China” the reporter highlights these now highly affordable Chinese made electric bikes. The Chinese electric bikes cost around 300 EUROS ($470). “More than 10,000 electric bikes were sold in France last year, up from 6,000 in 2006, according to the Conseil National des Professions du Cycle, an association of bike professionals (” This trend is not only unique to France, the pattern seems to be continuing across Europe and the rest world. “The surging cost of gasoline and a desire for a greener commute are turning more people to electric bikes as an unconventional form of transportation. The electric bikes are the next big thing, said Frank Jamerson, a former General Motors Corp. executive turned electric vehicle guru (” The author of the Seattle Times article points out, and I agree, that while people wait for the electric car the electric bike is a good starting point.

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