Need a Muse? Try LADG,

  • September 4, 2008
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Need a break? Need Ideas? Visit this web site I discovered today called LADG, The LADG blog is all about pop culture, design, art, and advertising. I speculate that LADG can inspire those in ANY business. It’s a great site to gain inspiration for whatever field you’re in. Just look at the new BMW viral ad campaign that’s been gaining a lot of attention across the internet. The ad is for BMW used cars and the tag line reads, “You know you’re not the first.” Both genious and funny marketing I must say. Also, check out the wind powered megaphone installed on the mountains of Norway. Anyone from around the world can call the Norwegian megaphone on +4790369389 and your call will be broadcasts by a gigantic loudspeaker! Visit LADG.

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