Building Anticipation and Inviting Subscribers

  • September 28, 2008
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From the moment you start posting on your blog, you should court people to subscribe. Why? Subscribers are a blog’s best friend, these are the people who are waiting for you to post, and waiting to comment on something you tell them through your blog.

How to Attract Subscribers

As soon as you start your blog, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of the “Hello World” that is the default post of a WordPress blog (if you’re using the WordPress platform). Your first post should be an introduction of who you are and why you are blogging about a certain topic. Take the opportunity to highlight your interests, your background (in relation to your blog topic) and why they should listen to what you have to say. Your first blog post will set the tone of your blog, so write it with your signature style.

1.    The ‘About’ link or page – As soon as you write your succeeding posts and your first one goes to the “older posts” place, the next thing you have to do is to make sure that anyone who visits your main page will get a feel of the exact topic of your blog. Your header image could be the central thing that will tell them about your blog, or you can simply make your blog title and description compelling enough for visitors to continue browsing through your categories or tags. Alternatively, you can post a small “About Me” snippet on your side bar. Those who are content with just writing an about me page should place the link to that page.

2.    A series of posts – Some blog writers have devised a way to keep their subscribers and regular visitors coming back on a daily basis. Posting everyday is not particularly difficult if your posts for each day of the week have themes. Browsing through the blogosphere could familiarize you with phrases such as “Meme Monday”, “Trendy Tuesday” and “Wordless Wednesday”. These correspond to the kind of posts that the author comes up with during a particular day of the week.

Make Your Series Unique

Your series shouldn’t exactly follow those of other blogs. Yours could be something different, such as a weekly debate which runs from Monday to Wednesday. The first blog post should contain an open ended question, which the commenters could answer. When comments on the post reach a certain number, you could write your reaction to the comments via another post. This cycle goes on until you post your conclusion and recap of the discussion.

3.    Disclose a Planned Event

If you’re planning a trip around the state or around the country to look for ways to improve your knowledge in your area of expertise, tell your readers about it. Ask them to stick around and “subscribe” to immediately receive your updates on how the event is going, or if you encounter something interesting during your trip.
This concept may also be applied to blog contests you will be joining and contests that you are planning on your blog.

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