Affiliate Marketing, Online Trading through Your Blog

  • September 30, 2008
  • Make Money Online
  • Comments Off on Affiliate Marketing, Online Trading through Your Blog is not only about saving money it’s also about making money. One of the best ways to make money online is by starting a blog.

Now that you have a blog, you have quality posts and you have an audience that hangs on to your every article, the next logical step is to moneytize your blog. Moneytization is a term that was coined to describe each action that a blogger does to earn through blogging. The concept of selling through your blog is simple. Like in an outdoor activity where someone or something is attracting attention, the people who stand around watching you perform will need some refreshments, some souvenirs to re-live their experience with, and some useful stuff to take home.

Selling through your blog operates around the concept that “a good spectacle attracts a large crowd”. When your continuous supply of very good content keeps feeding your audience, the advertisers or those who will pay you to continue keeping the crown in thrall will start coming up with attractive offers. Although there’s a good possibility that your potential advertisers are among your fans, there are others who might still be in the dark about your blogging talent and so you need to introduce yourself to these people.

Joining Affiliate Networks

There are networks over the net that serve as venues for advertisers to meet potential sellers, more aptly called affiliates. An affiliate will have access to the merchant (advertiser) resources available to them and will put these on their blog sidebars, text body or in pop-ups. Every sale that the merchant makes through your blog will be counted and compensation will be given to the blogger in the form of commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply sharing of the sale between the webmaster (blogger) and the merchant. There are several ways to be compensated for your efforts at selling the merchant’s products. Merchants will have very strict rules that you have to follow for compensation to be awarded. Some will pay you when the people you send to the merchant’s site buy something (counted as a sale), while others will pay you when the people you send to their site sign up for an offer (counted as a lead).
There are merchants who will pay you just for the interest of your blog readers. This means that they pay you for the clicks that your site generates on their banners. Though undeniably the fastest way for a blog to earn, the merchants are very much aware of the scams that some unethical bloggers think up to game this marketing system. Thus, they employ the most advanced means to protect themselves from “click fraud”.

Help Them Help You

For online trading through affiliate marketing to succeed, both the merchants and the website owners (also called publishers) must work together to come up with the best solution for their business. Affiliate managers will be assigned to a blogger or publisher when approved for a product campaign. There are the people bloggers communicate with via email, and if you have questions about their product, banners or marketing tools, they are the ones to approach. A blogger must also read through every single document that the merchant provides to ensure that whatever marketing schemes he thinks up is in line with the goals of the merchant or advertiser.

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