Rant on Fees, T-Mobile Just Charged me $45 to Text, WTF?

  • November 17, 2008
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T-Mobile Text Charges

Company fees are one of my biggest pet peeves. Fees are a company’s back door way to increase earnings by screwing their customers. Companies surprise the customer with charges that unless you read the fine print didn’t know existed or how much those charges would be. Take for example my T-Mobile cell phone bill this month. I called customer service regarding my $45 charge in text messaging. Even the customer service women at T-Mobile didn’t know what T-Mobile charged per text, she thought it was $0.15. I said T-Mobile charged me $0.20, and then she remembered that T-Mobile did recently increase the overage charge for text messaging to $0.20. My question is I own a Blackberry and pay for the “data package” and have 500 text messages included in my plan why the f*** does T-Mobile charge extra to text? Shouldn’t I have unlimited text? Why is text considered a separate entity from data?

Another pet peeve of mine… ATM Charges

The bank should be paying me for putting money into their depository. Banks shouldn’t be trying to take it away. Banks across the country are raising ATM fees because they so horribly mismanaged your money by loaning it out to people that couldn’t pay it back that they need to raise even more money. Banks want to screw you even more so they can stay afloat. Citibank, Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are all starting to charge non-customers as much as $3 per transaction to use their ATM machines. On top of the fee the other bank charges me my bank adds an additional $2.00 charge. I sometimes pay as much as $5.00 to take money out of my bank account.

I think people need to get more upset about fees all they are is a sneaky way to raise revenue for companies with broken business models and shrinking revenues.

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