Sell Your Gold!

  • November 21, 2008
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Do you notice that when things are going up and up people always say that they will only go up further. That’s what happened with Tech stocks in 2000, the housing bubble, and the price per barrel of oil. That’s how they panicked you into buying tech stocks, the home you now live in, and buying a smaller car or hybrid. You thought that if you didn’t buy now you would never be able to afford it again. Well wrong, tech stocks and stocks in general, your home, and the price of oil all collapsed catestrophically. The same I believe will happen to precious metals, particually gold. The one area I’m certain you should sell right now is gold. In the middle of economic panic now is the precise time you should sell gold. Gold will not go up and up forever like some predict, if I were you I’d take your profits in gold and buy stocks.

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