Blog Blazers Book Review – Things I’ve Learned

  • December 29, 2008
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First of all Blog Blazers is about 200 pages, but it’s really not a book. Instead Blog Blazers is a collection of interviews from the web’s top bloggers. The print is large, lots of white space, so the reading is very fast. I sat down with this book for about ½ hour and already I’m on page 60. The book gives great insights, but the author asks the same questions over and over again to each blogger. This can get a little repetitive.

Here are some things I’ve learned from this book already on how to become a successful blogger.

–    Comment on other blogs
–    Have other blogs link to your site
–    Build relationships with other bloggers
–    Use Stumbled Upon, Digg, etc. as a source for free traffic
–    Share experience, insight, and ask quality questions
–    Have passion for the subject your writing about
–    Do something different
–    Don’t develop a fake blogging persona
–    Post frequently
–    Post up to 5 times a day, but not more than 5
–    Write in your own style
–    Give yourself a year to become established as a blogger
–    Link to other blogs

I’m still reading so I’ll be adding more to this list. If you have any insights on what it takes to become a successful blogger please comment.


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