Creepy! Oregon Car GPS, UK Speed Limiting Device

  • December 30, 2008
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Oregon GPS Proposal

What was it about today? George Orwell’s 1984 seems more and more like a reality. Oregon’s Governor proposed today that all Oregon drivers install a GPS in their cars to track miles driven so that they can be taxed. As gas prices fall and people switch over to Hybrid vehicles gas tax revenues are going down, so what does the Governor of Oregon, Ted Kulongoski (D), propose? Taxing how many miles you drive. Not only is this creepy and an invasion of privacy. What about the people who commute to work everyday?

UK Speed Limiting Device

Across the pond in the UK a government advisory committee proposed that all cars in the UK would have speed limiters. These speed limiting devices would use satellite navigation to keep vehicles below the speed limit on any road in Britain. The government advisory committee estimated that there would be a 29% reduction in injury accidents and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Does this seem creepy to anyone? The perception of increased safety seems to justify almost anything.

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