StumbleUpon Advertising My Experience So Far

  • December 30, 2008
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Creating a StumbleUpon Ad Campaign

I’ve been reading the book Blog Blazers which has inspired me to try new things for my blog. Many of the bloggers in the book say it might take up to a year to gain success. I think a year the way things are going for my new blog a year is the minimum. I’ve tried a lot of things that these top bloggers suggested. Such as:

–    Submitting to Digg
–    Using StumbleUpon
–    Linking to other blogs
–    Buying advertising
–    Guest writing
–    Posting frequently

I decided today to try something new. I went ahead and submitted my site to StumbleUpon Paid Advertising. Just visit and click on “create a campaign now.” Next, enter your URL and select a category. The cost of advertising on StumbleUpon is only $0.05 per visitor so it’s very cheap. I set the maximum amount of visitors at 100 a day. Then I clicked the “create campaign now” button. The campaign was approved in about ½ hour, I deposited my $25, and traffic starting flowing in almost immediately. So far I’ve received 100 new visitors on

Quality of Advertising

So far these 100 new paid visitors have not rated, commented, sign up for, or clicked on anything. Basically the traffic I bought today was worthless, but for the price it’s worth a shot. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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