Some of Thoughts About 2008 and My 2009 Goals…

  • December 31, 2008
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Lately I’ve been thinking.. especially since I’ve started blogging that everything created on the Internet stems from an idea repeated over and over again. Take blogging for example, if I post a deal on my web site or blog there are hundreds of other web sites posting the same deal. What makes one site better than another in the eco chamber that is coupon/deals and blogging in general? Is site design and organization of content the only thing that matters even though the content is the same?

Yes, there are new ideas and new ideas gain traction, but if that new idea gains success successful ideas are copied, copied, and shamelessly copied some more. How do you continue to grow your site and business as fast after your idea has been carbon copied by someone else?

Where are the truly unique ideas coming from? Sometimes I think blogging is like the music industry. Music, especially pop music follows a strict formula. There’s not much variation between songs or artists, but as long as the consumer consumes than producers continue creating sub par music.

It’s not about creating content that you feel is marketable it’s about taking risks and in the process you have the opportunity of creating something unique. Thus a new idea is formed.

Enough of that.. My 2009 Goals

– Develope another web site

– Continue furthering my education by reading books, blogs, and magazines

– Continue my college education

– Travel

– Go to more affiliate confrences

– Eat healthier

– Continue to run, weight lift, and develope better boxing skills

– Blog more using video

– Become a better writer and blogger

There are so many more resolution that I can’t think of right now. I’ll continue to add to my 2009 list. If you have any 2009 resolutions please post in the comment section.

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