Best Tasting Coffee Results

  • February 4, 2009
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May be it’s because I’m from Seattle and was practically raised on coffee, but I love it. When I heard, Consumer Reports was doing a taste test on the best coffee I got excited. There’s also a money saving surprise to this story too.

#1 Ranked

Consumer Reports rated Walmart’s Eight O’Clock Coffee 100% Columbian as its best. Can you believe it? Coffee you can get at Walmart is the top rated. Everything marketers ever taught you about who has the best tasting coffee is wrong. It costs $6.28 per lb.

How well did Starbucks Rank?

Starbucks was rated as “good,” but why buy a good coffee at $11.53 per lb. when you can buy 8:00 Coffee for $6.28 per lb.

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