Blogger TylerCruz Gets Booted Out of Video

Affiliate Summit was buzzing with video marketing this past year. Video is the new thing, everyone should jump in right? TylerCruz did that and for his effort in pioneering a new form of marketing got burned. Read about this experience on his blog at

The popular “Make Money Online” blogger TylerCruz just got kicked off the web’s most popular video network. Year after you he posted videos documenting what he was doing online. Nothing could ever go wrong right? Well just recently he logged into his account and discovered he was BANNED. This is scary for all those that upload videos online. Be sure to make backups, post on multiple video networks, don’t put all your egg/videos in one basket, be aware that all that time you spend uploading videos could be a waste.

This exemplifies a post I made on my blog last week about who actually owns your content. You spend hours and hours creating content thinking that you own it, but who decides really who gets to see that content? It’s like the whole tree falling in the woods philisophical debate. If you create a video or web page and nobody sees it, did you actually create it in the first place. If the web gods say that no one can see your video or that it doesn’t meet their ever changing standards than you wasted your time. All you did was create something for your own amusement that no one will ever see.

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    I have the same opinion as yours on this. What you said is true.






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