We Need to Slow Down

Just finished watching a video on slowing down in a world built for speed.  Everyone feels it… we feel stressed and busy ALL the time. Understand why we feel this, watch the video. One of the quotes by Carrie Fisher, “Even these days instant gratification takes too long.”


I totally can relate to this. I’m actually thinking about getting rid of my smart phone and downgrading to a standard “dial only” cell phone. Blackberry’s and other smart phones, excuse the language, make you their bitch. How many applications do we really need on our cell phones? Do I really need to have a phone where I can check my e-mail, surf the internet, and map out directions at all times? Yes, it’s convenient, but work shouldn’t have to follow you everywhere. There should be some places and some times just for yourself uninterrupted by the Blackberry blinking red light.crackberry1

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