Cheap Advertising That Converts

Seems like everyone is a marketer and divulging their secrets for a profit. I’m about to tell you a secret that has been working for me.

If your looking for cheap advertising that converts. Yes, this site actually brings in real visitors that will interact with your web site. Look at advertising. When I signed up only a couple weeks ago CPC was $0.02 now it’s $0.04 a click. If there is one thing I learned about marketing on the Internet is prices always go up fast. Anything you want to do take advantage the first time you see it or you’re probably too late. Internet marketing is a feeding frenzy. The only thing you can do is stay out in front of the school of fish. The fish will always catch up, if the shark doesn’t get you first (Think algorithm changes/policy changes).

So do yourself a favor if you have a web site or blog promote it with advertising. Sign up takes minutes and ads are approved within a day. Take advantage of it now while prices are low… my prediction for 2009-2010 CPC will be around $0.10 min.

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