Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time (Hardcover)

Marketing is by nature shameless. There is no loyalty to one product or one’s idea. What determines a new pursuit is how well that particular campaign converts. I see the new book “Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time (Hardcover)” as a shameless marketers attempt to profit off a current trend.

This author probably said to himself one day… what’s popular? How could I make a quick buck? I know! Twitter is the hottest thing on the Internet. I’m going to become a self proclaimed “expert” even though I know nothing about Twitter today and write a book about how to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Let’s get out in front of this Twitter trend and write a book before everyone else does.

I don’t mind marketers pursuing hot trends, but what I can’t stand is when these salesmen claim to be experts. Twitter isn’t a hard concept to understand. You don’t need a book to understand its a powerful marketing and branding tool. Take a look at Joel Comm (author) blog “Make Money Online” “Joel is a New York Times Best Selling Author and Social Media Expert.” Expert being my pet peeve here.

Just feel like ranting today may be I’ve spent too much time reading eBook pitches on ClickBank where everyone is an expert.

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  1. Kimberly Says:

    Wow Dan. Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed. I’ve actually read most of the book and I think it is a fantastic collection of information. It offers some insight into the history of development and how Twitter arrived at this moment. Plus it explains how others are using. I don’t know about you, but I would rather buy to get a book that has a bunch of ideas and examples outlined – than I would like to spend time surfing around to see if people were on Twitter and figuring out all their related metrics.

  2. Kim Says:

    It’s a good book and right on trend.

    If you haven’t read it, you’re really not in a position to comment and just end up looking pathetic.

  3. Nigel Dean Says:

    I think that some parts of your argument are spot on; there are too many so called ‘Twitter Experts’; many don’t know what they are on about; people do need to think about Twitter/Social Media for themselves.

    That said, I think you are way off target with your opinion on Joel Comm. This guy says he is an expert – because he is! He gets social media and promotes his book but also gets involved and helps others to find their own way (Very Social). Don’t tar every ‘Expert’ with the same brush. We need to sit back, look at each person on their merits (or Tweets or blog) and decide for ourselves.

  4. Dave Says:

    If twitter is so easy to understand, why am I still talking to Business people who don’t get it?

    Did you read Joel’s book? You never refute anything he says.

  5. Cindy Says:

    Wow, I can totally understand why you would think that these marketers are shameless and claim to be experts when they’re not … according to you. You make these assumptions based on a total lack of research so you assume that everyone else does the same! Do your homework before posting this trash please. You obviously know absolutely nothing about internet marketing, let alone marketing in general. Is there such a thing as knowing LESS THAN NOTHING? Because you do. You even use the term “expert” without knowing what IT means. Let me help you: “ex?pert –noun. A person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority.” Before making your comments about Joel Comm did you look up his history? Did you look up his experience? Did you look up his success in his chosen field? Twitter is a tool and in the hands of an EXPERT marketer like Joel Comm it can turn into a very powerful tool. So you believe that the marketing depts at big companies aren’t sitting around the boardroom saying, “So what’s popular today? How can we increase our profits?” Ohhh wait, I get it, you think the only reason these companies are in business is to HELP us and make our lives better and their bottom line is the least of their priorities, right? What was I thinking? Well then yes, in that case, bad bad Joel Comm for finding a niche and making a living from it AND actually helping people along the way. I know Joel Comm personally by the way. He is very passionate about his business and the people he helps. He is deservedly enjoying his success right now. Have you talked to even ONE customer/friend of his? You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this kind of thing without at least giving him the courtesy of doing even the tiniest bit of research. Oh and by the way, I’m assuming that you’re not receiving any kind of payment from this page in any way, shape or form, correct? I’d hate to think that you were actually profiting from trashing people you know nothing about. Tsk tsk. You know what I find most interesting about people like you? You do this kind of thing practically anonymously. I checked around on your site and the only thing I can find about who you are is an email with a first name of Daniel, a PO box, and a toll free number. Interesting.

  6. Cayce Crown Says:

    You’ve missed the point. I think your last paragraph says it all, you are just choosing Joel arbitrarily as your “victim.” Truth is, Joel IS an expert. He has continuing success with Twitter, the internet and marketing. He is totally loyal to his ideas, staff and customers(and potential customers!). I have learned a great deal from him and will continue to do so. You chose badly.

    Did you read the book?

  7. Jason Moffatt Says:

    Well lets put your paycheck next to Joel’s paycheck and see who the expert is!

  8. YumaNights Says:

    This ranks as one of the most asinine posts I’ve ever read. You should do something about your jealousy of Joel Comm (or any other successful marketer).

    I’m reading the book, and although I don’t necessarily agree with everything Joel has said so far, it is still a good book on using Twitter FOR marketing.

    Maybe you should spend less time trolling for ebooks on Clickbank to promote and take the time to CREATE something new, fresh and informative!

  9. Brian Says:

    What and you’re not name dropping to increase your presence or following?

  10. triaa Says:

    I totally empathize with your being tired of everyone’s claim that “I’m an expert,” but I think that maybe you HAVE read too many eBook pitches.

    I think Joel Comm is not the one to attack. I’ve been researching Internet marketing for a few years, so I’ve become familiar with who actually does know what they’re talking about.

    I’ve bought his AdSense books, and found them extremely useful. He also has been generous and helpful to his customers.

    I hope to get “Twitter Power” when I scrape up some bucks – not because I need to be told that it’s a powerful marketing tool, but to learn tips to better inform my followers, and hopefully, put a little more fun into their lives.






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