Making Jeremy $300 – $500 Per Day!

  • July 14, 2009
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After hearing about Social Spark through Jeremy Schoemaker’s blog ShoeMoney I decided to sign up. Read his article here. Jeremy Schoemaker says he can make 4-6x his money on offers such as Blockbuster, Disney, and Seaworld. At ShoeMoney there are making about $300 – $500 a day through Twitter traffic. Basically he’s signing up for offers, sending them out via Twitter, and getting paid 70-80 cent per click. I decided to try out the advertising network.

My test is $100 and I’m paying $0.25 per click for social media traffic.

It took one day to approve, but just today I’ve received 59 valid clicks, 78 invalid clicks, and 158 views costing me a TOTAL of $14.75 with a set up charge of $10.00. So far on my offer I’m seeing 157 clicks and no sales. Booo! So far it has been a waste, but I’m hoping something comes out of it.

I’ll keep you posted on


UPDATE: It took 2 days to deplete budget. I received 1,613 raw clicks from the Social Spark campaign and received 2 sales $26.00. So for $110 I made $26.00.. not very good.

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