Website Promotion: How to Maximize the Power of Video Marketing

  • August 4, 2009
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you probably know that video sites like YouTube have become household names globally. YouTube, in particular, hasn’t been around for a long time. In fact, it has only been here for a few short years. Videos became popular when broadband rates tanked in every country in the world. Once a little-used medium, it’s now a popular attraction among internet goers and social network groupies.  YouTube is among the first sites to have been built around video, and its popularity stems from the easy way users can navigate the site and the variety of videos on the site.

Using YouTube as a Marketing Tool

Because there are so many eyeballs on the pages of this site at any given time, your business instincts must have alerted you to the inevitable… online marketers are now using video sites for marketing their web sites.

What are the possibilities presented by YouTube for marketers?  In two words, we call it “viral videos”. If you have an interesting video clip that’s in a niche similar to your blog or business website, you can use the power of viral videos to increase your own popularity. Viral videos are simply intended to draw interest and spark widespread distribution.

If something catches someone’s attention, you can be sure that he will pass on the information about your video to friends and family members. And because YouTube has an embed feature, bloggers who love to talk about interesting things can re-publish your video on their blogs. Soon, everyone and their moms will be viewing your viral video, so you’d better do the one crucial thing that will blast your website to the sky…. Put your website link on your videos.

The Potential of Video Marketing is Limitless

As mentioned above, you can create funny or informative videos to promote your site’s brand, but there are still a multitude of things you can do with a viral video to increase your popularity (and hopefully, your income). Here are some tips on how you can maximize your videos to improve your sales or your website traffic.

1. Create Commercials – Get your cam and shoot your own homemade commercial for promoting your website.

2. How-to Guides – This is particularly effective for bloggers who own how-to sites. If you have a particularly useful system related to your niche (e.g. how to create a doghouse, how to customize your laptop bag, etc.), record a video of yourself demonstrating how it’s done.

3. Entertaining Videos – Most Internet citizens just want to view videos for fun. In fact, some of the more popular videos are those that show people doing a lipsync of their favorite songs.

4. Videos that Describe Your Business – If you’re a business blogger (i.e. your business has a main web page AND a blog), you can produce videos that describe how a particular problem can be solved by using your products or services.

If you’re a blogger or a website owner and you love the idea of marketing using videos, you have to check if you’re committing these mistakes

Wrong Category

Always make sure that your videos are in the right category. Also, check the tags you used on your videos to increase viewer counts.  Add tags that characterize your niche and the video’s topic. help users find your video more easily.

Missing URL

Check if you included your site’s URL in the space provided for the description of your video. This is particularly important if you want the viewers to visit your site right after they watch the video you uploaded.

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