Upcoming ASOTV Billy Mays What Odor Product Review + R.I.P.

  • August 10, 2009
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First of all I’d like to pay my respects to Billy Mays. I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news of his death. Probably more shocked than hearing of Michael Jackson. It’s sad when someone that appears to be at the top of his game and enjoying life dies suddenly. He was the best pitchman even or at least since Ron Popeil. He made watching commercials entertaining sometimes even more than the actual TV program one was watching. Some on my most popular posts here on CashSherpa.com and YouTube videos are the ones where I review as seen on TV products. Without Billy Mays this blog and my ‘9malls’ YouTube channel would not nearly be as popular as they are today.


So my newest upcoming review of the Billy Mayes pitched, What Odor, is out of respect…

In my upcoming review I will compare the odor busting power of What Odor, Vodka (As seen on the TV show Myth Busters), and control shirt.

I will light a cigar and place 3 shirts under cigar smoke.

After shirts are saturated in cigar smoke I will spray one with What Odor, one with vodka, and one will be left untouched. I will then wash the shirts in cold water only and see which comes out smelling the freshest.

Will Billy Mays’ What Odor come out smelling the cleanest? Subscribe to my blog, CashSherpa.com, to find out.

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