What Odor? “Eliminates Any Odor” Product Review

As promised I finally got my hands on the Billy Mays as seen on TV product called What Odor? The infomercials claim What Odor will eliminate any odor. I put this claim to the test. I saturate 4 rags with cigar smoke and wash one rag with laundry detergent, one with vodka, one with What Odor, and my control with nothing applied to cloth. See which one gets the bad smelling cigar smoke out the best, watch the video.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I wish I’d known about your test before I purchased What Odor… In looking at the What Odor reviews all over the net, I did not find ONE that mentioned the What Odor ODOR!! It makes me a little nauseous and smells like soap and cinnamon. Plus it takes forever to fade. Thanks for a non-biased test and review!






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