Stock Market Update September 16th 2009

  • September 16, 2009
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Stocks continue to rise. My portfolio is up 90% since putting money into my Ameritrade account in March. My strategy or gamble I’ve been making is reading penny stock blogs like, finding 3 penny stocks that have the potential to hit it big on possible good news. You buy all three and bet at least one or 2 will rise over the next couple weeks. I tested this strategy and yesterday one of the 3 stocks rose 95% in one day. I immediately sold the stock… unfortunately it went up another 45% today! The stock was IMGG. The reason for the sudden rise was Skymark Research initiated independent research coverage on Imaging3, Inc. The other 2 stocks are down 20% each. I still limit this highly risky speculation to about 10% of my portfolio. This kind of speculation is fun, but in investing slow and steady wins the race. That’s why I have most of my money in CAT, GE, and BAC.


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