Google Nexus One Event Info + Video

  • January 5, 2010
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Google unveiled its Nexus One mobile phone today!

Check out the video presentation below or more information from CNN. Apple succeeds because it understands the power of hype, functionality, and design. Google seems to take a very academic approach to unveiling its products. The Google Nexus unveiling event should be one of the most exciting moments in the history of Google, but instead it feels more like a college professor giving a lecture to a classroom. I know Google believes that if a product is THAT GOOD it will generate its own hype, but I think a little more marketing bravado wouldn’t hurt. Google’s search IS THAT GOOD, but without marketing their other products if they don’t far exceed the capabilities of everything on the market (LIKE SEARCH) how will Google take significant market share?

Watch the Google Nexus One event at UStream.TV

More news about the Nexus One unveiling from CNN

This presentation shows you how Google thinks. It’s all about the left brain.

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