iPad Review Video, Apps, and My Thoughts

I got my hands on the iPad this Sat. and first impression is this is an amazing little device. 2nd reaction that came a little later to me is this is primarily a content consumption device. Surfing the web gets really frustrating when you run into the fact the Apple iPad doesn’t support flash. Do you know how frustrating this becomes when surfing the web? What was Apple thinking? This makes the iPad junk in my opinion. 2nd where do I put the my SD cards from my digital camera? Oh I know, Apple decided not to include a SD slot in the iPad. Also, the minute you hook up the iPad to your computer’s USB port it wants to sync with iTunes and then asks you to create an Apple account. I absolutely hate this kind of control. May be some people like the walled garden experience, but personally I think it gets old fast. Where the iPad excels is watching video, surfing the web specifically browsing news, and streaming NetFlix. The iPad as far an I can tell is an entertainment consumption device. Sometimes I feel it’s sad that the technology industry today keeps coming up with new devices that feed us the same content movies, music, web, and news. How many more places do I need to watch video, browse news, or play video games? Do I really have to be entertained to this extent at all times? I’ll pass on the iPad, but that doesn’t mean I think it won’t be hugely successful. I think of Apple users like hipsters carrying around an iPad to them is a fashion statement. Just as carrying around a cup of Starbucks was about 10-15 years ago. Apple users see themselves as apart of a club that somehow is just a little better than everyone else. With the iPad fashion definitely comes before function. iPad’s fashionable function = consuming.

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  1. Bill Says:

    I agree about the iPad






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