A1StockPicks.com $19.95/Month Review

A1StockPicks.com $19.95/Month Review

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Tonight, I just singed up for the stock picking service A1StockPicks.com $19.95/month. I feel getting some professionals who analyze 1000s of stocks daily only to pick the best might be fun to try. I love investing, but lately my stock picks have been range bound. A1StockPicks state they never buy stocks before recommending them. This is unlike other stock resources $50/month Timothy Sykes who some say that part of the reason he’s so successful with his penny stock fund is he buys before recommending the stock and sells when his newsletter subscribers buy the stock. Pump and pump formula. I’m sure it’s not his whole strategy, but it’s nice to see that A1StockPicks won’t do this. They are not paid to suggest a stock, very easy to follow stock reports, subscription includes stocks over $6 and penny stock picks, cancel any time, on there website you can view complete history of their stock picks.

I plan to put in some buy orders this week. So please subscribe to track my progress and see whether or not A1StockPicks.com is worth the $19.95. If I can make just a couple hundred dollars a month from their service than A1StockPicks is well worth the $19.95 price tag. I will keep you updated!

UPDATE: 07-26-10 Just purchased my first stock AFAM entry point 25.8592 target price 27.75. We will see what happens. If I got in on the 24.98 recommended entry point price stock has already gained 3.6% today.

3 Responses

  1. TomH Says:

    How has a1stockpicks worked out for you so far?

  2. Dan Says:

    I made money with 2 A1StockPicks recommendations. Pay attention to when they recommend to sell. I lost most of my money on their Heelys stock pick. So results have been mixed. I’ve found better luck buying quality companies like CAT or GE.

  3. ChrisM Says:

    Traded both systems for over 4 month and lost lots of money. A lot of positions in the performance log do not match with the actual trades and the lag of 2 months makes it too late to verify.

    I would not recommend this servic and further.






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