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My AMFAM trade hasn’t been doing anything! I know it has been a horrible market, but today I got bored and decided to sell at about a 2% loss. A1StockPicks.com the investment stock picking newsletter I subscribe to recommended 2 stocks over $6 today. The stocks included TSTC and WFC. After careful research I decided to go into TSTC. Most analyst companies have a hold recommendation on TSTC with MarketEdge as the exception with a long rating.  Since the same quarter one year prior revenues grew 37%. Debt-to-equity ratio is very low at 0.09. The target price (SELL) on TSTC is 11.00. I got in on the stock at $10 and the stop-loss price is 8.25. I will keep you updated on how is goes.

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  1. David Webster Says:

    Have you continued trading with A1StockPicks suggestions and if so what have your results been. I have been looking into them for a while but it is hard to be anything but skeptical. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Dan Says:

    I don’t trade all the time so I’ve stuck with my TSTC trade suggestion from A1StockPicks. They have a real track record, meaning they post all their past stock picks. You can go through the picks and see how well they did… from what I’ve seen they do pretty well. However they screen for oversold stocks it seems to work consistently. Since they have a buy point and exit point it helps take out the guesswork. It’s only $20/month so it’s easy to regain the cost with a solid stock pick unlike lots of other trading suggestion services.






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