What Words Doesn’t Google Instant Like?

  • September 29, 2010
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What Words Doesn’t Google Instant Like?

Yes, there are just some terms that Google Instant does not like. There are certain words that Google Instant has blacklisted. Some for good reason like adult terms, but others more questionable. Search for example “Google Is” the first term that comes up is “Google Is ISP.” Lower down on the list it reads, “Google Is Your Friend.” Nothing negative for the search term Google. Google is obviously censoring. Search Bing on Google instant and the first term reads, “Bing Is Not Google” and “Bing Is Terrible.” Obviously Google is censoring some non adult Google Instant results. If you head over to Bing.com search “Google Is” in the search box and the second term is, “Google Is Evil.” For a complete list of blacklisted Google Instant terms visit here http://www.2600.com/googleblacklist/

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