Google Developing a Self-Driving Car

  • October 9, 2010
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Google Developing a Self-Driving Car

Google is developing a self-driving car and it works! Google engineers have been driving a fleet of them around the San Francisco Bay Area according to the article. Read more about the Google car here,2817,2370518,00.asp. If there is a Google engineer that can solve a problem it seems there is no direction Google won’t go. I think most people are like this and may be it’s no different for some companies, but everyone wants to be something they’re not. For example the graphic designer wants to be a programmer, the engineer wants to be a scientist, the movie actor wants to a rock star. I think Google has an inferiority complex. It’s not enough to have the monopoly on the world’s search market the engineers at Google want to be inventors, may be even scientists. Projects are great, but if a crisis were to hit Google would projects such as a self driving car start to look foolish to stock holders?  Can’t say a self driving car is not awesome though!

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