5 Best & Cheapest Places to Design Your Logo

5 Best & Cheapest Places to Design Your Logo

Looking to design a web site logo, but you want to do it as cheaply as possible? Here are the 10 best and cheapest places to design your web site logo.

1) Fiverr.com – Fiverr is a web site dedicated to providing services people will do for $5.00. Everything on the site is $5. Just search “Design Logo” in the search box and there a many people willing to design your company logo for $5. http://www.fiverr.com/

2) GigMe5 – This site is like Fiverr.com it’s a community of people willing to do whatever for only $5.00. http://www.gigme5.com/

3) 19DollarLogos – As the name suggests this site designs logos for a flat fee of $19.00. The only downside is it’s one logo with no revisions. Still a great deal. http://19dollarlogos.com/

4) LogoNerds – Logo Nerds create high quality logos starting at $27. The $27 gets you 3 concepts, free revisions, and it’s delivered in 3-5 business days. http://www.logonerds.com/

5) GotLogos – Home of the $25 is their slogan. GotLogos.com offers high quality logos at a $25 price point. Logo turnaround is 3 business days. http://gotlogos.com/

3 Responses

  1. Tara B. Says:

    I heard a lot of good things about fiverr and thanks to this site. I was able to join fiverr as well…for some extra income. I saw a lot of great artist in there and was able to get the logo that I want for only $5.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Amazing because I thought that since it’s very cheap it has low quality but I was wrong because it was very good especially it has great details. Appreciate you sharing this links.

  3. Milley Says:

    I joined GigMe 5 and Fiverr just now after reading your post because when I saw the sites they offer good stuff. I already bought some services from them and they were all professionals. Loving it a lot. thanks for sharing.






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