Happy New Year 2011 – Reflection

  • January 1, 2011
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Happy New Year 2011 – Reflection

Happy New Year everyone… I always love the new year. I know it’s all psychological, but it always feels like a fresh start. So why not take a look at your life in 2010 and see where it’s working and what needs improvement in 2011. One resolution in 2011 for me is to rethink old routines and patterns of behavior. What can I do differently in 2011 for my blog that I didn’t do in 2010 for example. It’s about taking a more macro approach to life than micro. Last night instead of going out fighting traffic, barely getting into a crowded restaurant, and watching the Space Needle fireworks I spent the evening at my house with my wonderful girlfriend. I purchased a juicy Ribeye steak through it on the BBQ, baked French bread, and prepared roasted vegetables with vinaigrette. We ended up watching a movie and later fireworks on TV. Now I know that doesn’t sound like an exciting start to 2011 to some of you, but in my mind staying home on New Years was more fun, exciting, and unique than anything else Seattle on New Years could offer. Instead of only concentrating on day to day tasks or what the crowd urges me to think and do (Valentines Day, New Years, etc.) I want to develop my own vision. Living intentionally as I think some gurus call it. I want to create my own vision not only for my business, but my personal life as well. Let’s all make the unwritten future of 2011 the best year yet!

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