Nintendo 3D 3DS Warning to Children Under 6

Nintendo 3D 3DS Warning to Children Under 6

Nintendo issued a statement warning that children under 6 should not play 3D games on the anticipated Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS is one of the first mainstream products offered that does not require one to wear 3D glasses. According to Nintendo, “Looking at 3D images for a long period of time could have an adverse effect on the development of eyesight in young children.” The 3DS is due out in March. Will this warning make any difference in sales? I would think not. If anything the publicity will boost sales.

Check out the hands on 3DS video

3 Responses

  1. Jimvesting Says:

    I saw this in the Wall Street Journal. I think it is 100% concerning that it is not recommended to play for more than 30 minutes at a time, kids these days can’t get enough and half an hour clearly isn’t going to ease any fixes. I’d rather live in 2D gaming than permanently mess up my eyes!

  2. Yee Tim Says:

    I agree but I don’t know why make it if it’s not worth it. I didn’t hear Xbox or other console said this kind of stuff. Surely is they are showing care to people especially kids but why now make something which is safe for everyone rather telling them that it may cause some problems because we all know that we cant control the people who are playing the game. But if you will ask me, I will just buy other console because of their announcement.

  3. Dorothy Says:

    I guess the warning will just make them more popular though I am not sure if it will give them more sales. This is a cool gadget and for sure people would love to see how it works. But the warning I think people will just ignore those messages.






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