SmallWorks BrickCase turns the iPhone 4 into a Big Lego Block

SmallWorks BrickCase turns the iPhone 4 into a Lego Block

This is a very cool idea. I’m thinking to myself why didn’t I think of this. The BrickCase 4 Lego case is brought to you buy SmallWorks. There are 3 different versions of the iPhone case a black case, a white case, and a transparent case. Each is available for sale on Amazon for $19.99.Visit the site directly to view the products from SmallWorks

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3 Responses

  1. John Campbell Says:

    Such a nice idea! I never thought it will look good this good in a lego block brick case. Thanks to smallworks for making this possible for iPhone 4. I am about to upgrade my phone from the older version of iPhone to iPhone 4 and I think I would need this one as well. I love the transparent type one.

  2. Arnie Says:

    Not bad at all! The designs are unique since for me this is the first time I saw this kind of case. The prize is fair enough for Iphone lovers. I am already planning to get this one and waiting if there will be discounts available.

  3. Online Blogger Says:

    So cool! Iphone always had the cool accessories and I think this really fits the Iphone 4. This accessory makes me want to buy an Iphone 4. I dont know when but surely I will get one.

    Thanks for posting this one and to all Iphone 4 lovers out there. Try this product.






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