How Vegas Does Marketing Right!

How Vegas Does Marketing Right!

I just got back from the Consumer Electronic Show and I was thinking on the plane how Las Vegas restaurants, shops, casinos, and even how conventions like CES market themselves. I think in a lot of ways Las Vegas business’ do marketing better than anyone else. Take for example this e-mail from Wynn I just received. It’s definitely eye catching and makes you want to click through. When I think of Las Vegas and marketing I think of classy (Not talking about the product here), appeals to emotions, and always provocative.  It’s about selling a version of reality you can’t get anywhere else. Think about it and apply it to your business!

3 Responses

  1. Arnold Says:

    I agree with you but I was hoping to know more about details about it because I want to apply it on my business. I just started mine that is why I am not use to this kind of stuff but this is really a very interesting post. It got my attention because I have business running and looking for more ways to market my business.

  2. Jared Says:

    Hmm…Interesting…I never thought that we can use that idea when we talk about marketing it the right way. Do you have more of this? I want to see more different kind of approach for me to get an idea from it.

    Thanks for sharing this to us. This really is an eye opener to me.

  3. Nathan Says:

    I agree with Arnold this post is my favorite since I’ve learn something from it that I know will benefit me. To be honest I do know how will I start but thanks to your post I am now confident and had an idea on what to do next for my business.






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