The Price of the Open Android Market

  • March 3, 2011
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Many developers have chastised Apple for their strict approval process for iPhone apps. Often, apps get denied entry into the Apple app store over small issues or for no good reason at all. The Android market, on the other hand, w4elcoms just about any app, as long as it adheres to a few simple guidelines. While that method of app approval may be more appealing to developers, it may have some serious consequences for consumers.

On March 2nd, over a dozen Android apps were discovered to house malicious code that could be used to steal private data from consumers. The apps were quickly removed from the market, but not before they became available to consumers. This security breach has raised serious questions over the loose Android app approval process.

There’s little question over whether Apple’s approval process is too strict. Many developers complain of long waits, and obtuse rejection notices. Still, that strict natured approval process does a great job or preventing malicious software from making its way onto the Apple app store.

Google responded quickly, and removed the apps as soon as they became aware of the issue; however, critics suggest that, with a stronger approval procedure, this issue could have been avoided all together.

If Apple is too strict, and Google is too lax, then perhaps the ideal method for app management lies somewhere in between. Perhaps a method with a higher emphasis on malicious software but without strict rules about functionality needs to be implemented by mobile app merchants. For now, Apple will continue being restrictive, and Google will continue the free flow of apps.

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