Google to Run Circles Around Facebook

  • March 18, 2011
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Google to Run Circles Around Facebook

Facebook currently holds the title of “undisputed champion of social networking”, but Google is poised to give them some serious competition in the near future. Rumors began to circulate this weekend that Google would be launching a new social network called Circles in the near future.

Google seems to struggle when it comes to social networking. Google Buzz received a lot of criticism over privacy concerns, and Google Wave was just too complex to appeal to a broad audience. If the rumors are true, Circles will solve both of these problems. Circles is rumored to include a strong focus on “inner circles” meaning users will have to directly approve which friends can see and share  their updates. Additionally, the service is rumored to have a friendly simple method for sharing updates and information with your inner circle.

Facebook currently dominates other social networking sites, but they still take a great deal of criticism over issues like privacy. Facebook spam is fairly common, and adjusting your privacy settings can be a daunting process. If Google launches a competing service that doesn’t suffer the same issues, there’s a good chance they could compete with Facebook for social network dominance.

Google hasn’t seen success in social networking yet, but that doesn’t mean things will go poorly for Circles. Google offers a wide variety of services used by millions of people. In fact, the Android OS is now the most common smartphone OS in the US. Integrating their new social network with their popular mobile OS could help Google to bring Circles to a wide audience on day one. All of this remains rumor and speculation at this point, but if anyone could run Circles around Facebook, it would be Google. We’ll be sure to bring you more information on Circles as it becomes available.

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