Who is 1&1 Internet? 1&1 Internet Review by CashSherpa.com

Who is 1&1 Internet? 1&1 Internet Web Hosting Review by CashSherpa.com

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1 & 1 are pioneers in the industry of web hosting. They provide products that are innovative but at prices that are competitive. They believe in reliability and strength to make their company successful.

Being the biggest provider in web hosting in the world, 1 & 1 has over ten million customers and still growing. The company is making a profit with these hard financial times and is actually stable in the overall finances of the company.

Besides web hosting, 1 & 1 also provides domain name services and packages, dedicated servers, email, and eCommerce packages. Whatever an individual or business needs are, they will be covered and stay within budget.

With web hosting with 1 & 1, there is a new product that is called MyBusiness Site. These are websites designed for medium to small businesses. A person doesn’t need any experience in development of websites or designing a website. 1 & 1 will help design a website that looks professional.

Domain registration with 1 & 1 specializes in domains that are top level or TLDs. They are an official registrar for domain registration with Afilias and ICANN. So, this gives peace of mind when purchasing a domain. To this date, over eleven million domains for individuals and businesses have been officially registered.

Going green is an initiative of 1 & 1. The EPA has recognized the United States data center for 1 & 1 in Kansas as a Green Power Partner. Along with this award, in Germany 1 & 1 is changing a former nuclear plant to a data center that will be green. When the conversion is complete, it will house over ten thousand servers.

If you are a business that needs security, protection, and want to grow more by doing so efficiently, 1 & 1 can help achieve these goals. Using Cisco and Foundry routers, there are over seventy thousand web servers that are combined from Europe and around the US that run in 1 & 1 data centers. They use only the best technology there is to run everything.

The uptime for 1 & 1 is a guarantee of 99.9%. This is the reason why the data center in Kansas is mainly used for the United States. Data centers are placed in the countries of the world for maximum effect to keep your website always up and running. To protect those websites from harmful Trojans, worms, and anything else nasty, Symantec and Parallels are used for security and virtual software.

Currently 1 & 1 Internet is running a six month free special for web hosting. Depending which hosting package a person chooses, two domains will be provided for free to get your business started.  After the free six months, a business account for example runs around ten dollars a month. All packages included DNS management, URL Masking, have unlimited domains, email, site building tools, marketing, and sub domains.

As a person can tell 1 & 1 can help get their business started from the ground up and always move up their web hosting plan when they need to expand. With all the features and security, the cost to use 1 & 1 is extremely affordable and a small price to pay to have a successful business.

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