Youtube Live Is…. Live

Youtube Live Is…. Live

Everyone knows that Youtube is the place to go for funny videos of cats and not-so-funny videos of talentless musicians covering their favorite songs, but the one thing they lacked  was live streaming. That has officially changed thanks to the addition of Youtube Live.

Youtube Live competes directly with services like, and Ustream by allowing users to create land broadcast live streams of… well whatever they feel like. Live streams have been used on other services for a wide variety of things, including sharing special events with geographically distant loved ones, streaming marathon video game sessions designed to generate donations for a charity, and some people have even streamed mundane day-to-day events just because they could.

The addition of Youtube Live comes alongside the Wall Street Journal’s report that Google intends to spend $100 million commissioning new web-exclusive content for Youtube. If the report is accurate, that would mean Youtube would offer original, high quality content alongside the user generated content it’s been showcasing for seven years now. Little is currently known about the type of content Youtube users should expect, but it seems as though Youtube is attempting to compete directly with television networks . By offering shows you can’t get on cable, Youtube is sure to draw new viewers.

Both streaming video, and the upcoming addition of exclusive content are sure to be well received by Youtube users everywhere. Live streaming is one of th4e only features that other companies were offering to draw users away from Youtube, and with original content getting such a big budget, it would be surprising to see it flop. Google is making great strides toward improving Youtube.

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