Review of Yahoo Small Business Hosting and Store Front

  • April 13, 2011
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Review of Yahoo Small Business Hosting and Store Front

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If a person has a small business and just wants to get their feet wet on the Internet, Yahoo Small Business Hosting can help to achieve this. Here is a review of what Yahoo has to offer along with helping a person sell by providing a store front. There is nothing easier on the market or cheaper than Yahoo Small Business hosting. If you have a product you want to sell and need a web site, hosting, shopping cart, and need to get it online within a day Yahoo Small Business is what you’re looking for.

When selling online, a website must have a way for a person to add things to a shopping cart and to check out when done shopping.  Also, there has to be a solution to pay for the items. Yahoo Small Business Hosting and Store Front will provide all these things with one stop business web hosting and payments along with tools.

A person can apply for a merchant account for their business to increase options for payment. Or simply just use PayPal.  A customers does not have to have a PayPal account, they can simply use their credit card through them. Also, the business can accept money orders or checks.

With the shopping cart it is amazing. Just tell the system what your business prefers and once it is set up, it automatically will calculate everything. If the customer had a coupon code to enter or sales tax needs to be added or shipping needs to be applied, it is all done while the customer is reviewing everything before paying. With Yahoo Store Front, one page or multi pages can be added to the shopping cart.  Digital download products can be bought and downloaded instantly with no waiting.

Yahoo Small Business Hosting will provide order management so your business will never lose an order, check on the shipping status, and take care of any problems. This can also be integrated for offline to blend into the entire business. So, the business can see offline and online orders.

Besides these features, Yahoo Small Business Hosting will provide inventory management. Keep track of everything sold and what needs to be reordered. Up to fifty thousand items can be added. That will give your business plenty of things to sell. Create a catalog and see everything in real time and set an alert when an item is low.

Other features Yahoo Small Business Hosting and Store Front  provides is coupons,  cross selling from the shopping cart or product pages, discounts, letting a customer repeat same order, and using a gift certificate.

To properly run the business advertising and traffic is extremely important. There are reports to see the traffic, how visitors find the site, and even showing sales for profit and losses.

Set up a Yahoo small Business Hosting email campaign. Have your customers sign up for a newsletter. Have your website search engine optimized by receiving credit through Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google to place ads in the search engines.

The website is hosted on the most secured servers and is backed up constantly. This gives peace of mind knowing your site is live and open for business twenty four hours a day.

So, with this kind of service does it sound like it would be expensive? For twenty-six dollars a month a person can get started and try out Yahoo Small Business Hosting and Store Front. After three months, it will go to forty dollars a month.

Yahoo has been around for many, many years with a solid business sense. With this business ecommerce plan, it definitely is one to check out.

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