AskSunday Dedicated Assistant Program and How It Can Help Your Business

  • April 14, 2011
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AskSunday Dedicated Assistant Program and How It Can Help Your Business


Would anyone like a four day work week? That would be so awesome to have more time for yourself and the family. In reality, there just is not enough time in the day anymore. But, what if there was help? AskSunday Dedicated Assistant will help give you an extra pair of helping hands.  The book, 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss recommends this web site, for virtual assistants. Read on for more details.

What is AskSunday? It is your online virtual assistant. Dedicated Assistants will learn your business and what the needs are.  What projects are being worked on and requirements, your business work style, and how you would like your information received.  This helps put the focus back onto the business. Instead a huge to do list every day, the business owner can work on advertising, promoting, and expanding the business.

When hiring a virtual assistant through AskSunday, it is very cost effective. There are no paychecks to issue, worrying about insurance or taxes on the assistant, or any other normal offline expenses that are the norm.

At AskSunday, your own virtual dedicated assistant is skilled in telephone including Skype, email, and IM. They will use this communication to always keep in touch with your business. Your business will be able to choose from two shifts depending where your business resides. There are Dedicated Assistants in North America and assistants in Europe.

What makes this virtual assistant program unique is there is a backup plan. Life does happen to all of us. When working by yourself with no help, there is no backup plan. This is not good for business. At AskSunday, another person is trained as the backup if your main Dedicated Assistant is no there to help.  This assistant is your Secondary DA.

A Dedicated Assistant will only charge for the work that was actually done. The billing is done in five minute increments. This is unheard of anywhere as usually it is by the hour or the day. Just log into your account at AskSunday and see how much time is left. Buy more time to keep everything flowing seamlessly.

Now, what can a Dedicated Assistant help your business with?

  • Outbound calling
  • Data Entry
  • Email correspondence
  • Visually documenting processes
  • Internet Research
  • Document Editing
  • Managing online postings
  • Uploading content onto websites
  • Continuous processes
  • Coordinating and booking travel plans

As you can see this covers the entire business. So, if you’re a small business and just need someone to answer the emails and the phones, then a Dedicated Assistant will help take this off of you every day.  If a larger business, hire more than one Dedicated Assistant to do the multiple tasks that need to be done every day. No part of the business will be missed with AskSunday.

Now, if you would like that four day work week, it can now be possible with AskSunday. Having a virtual assistant is a life saver when emergencies happen. If you come down sick or simply do not know how to do something to help your business run better, a Dedicated Assistant is waiting to help.

Visit for more information.

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