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  • April 20, 2011
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Review of GoToMeeting by

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This blog, is about technology, marketing, and gadgets. GoToMeeting is a piece of Tech. that once you understand its power you can’t live without it. Are you tired of the costs involved in driving long distances or flying all over the world for meetings with your business partners or prospective ones? Would you love to be able to conduct meetings with everyone from the comfort of your home without having to drive anywhere? Well GoToMeeting was developed just for you.

Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central raves about Cochrane lives in Hawaii so using a product like Go To Meeting makes perfect sense. I’ve been reading the book, 4 Hour Workweek, which talks about removing time wasters from your business. Becoming more efficient with your time is something this product does splendidly. One con of GoToMeeting is it has fewer features than WebEx, but it’s speed and stability make up for some of its downfalls.

GoToMeeting is an online application that allows individuals and business to schedule and conduct meetings with their partners or employees all over the world, through the internet. The system is easy to use and has been embraced by thousands of businesses in the United States and elsewhere. All you have to do is to sign up for a membership account, after which you will get the chance to host as many meetings as you want with anyone even if they don’t have a GoToMeeting account. Signing up for a membership gets you redirected to a webpage where the NetMeeting application is available for easy download.

GoToMeeting comes with an innovative user interface that is highly intuitive and gives you the chance to create, invite and host a meeting on the internet with immediate effect. The simplicity of this interface makes it implementable without any form of training. The One Click Meeting feature makes it easy to integrate MS Outlook and Lotus Notes into the application making it easy for your online meeting participants to share resources such as keyboards, mouse control, etc. The application also comes with Recording and Playback features which makes it easy to record online meetings and play them later or forward them to others.

GoToMeeting is highly reliable and users are bound to experience zero problems due to the fact that it has no anomalies and secures all online meetings through powerful encryption systems to ensure that unauthorized people don’t get access to it. The application comes with a 100 percent 30 day money back guarantee which gives users a whole one month to evaluate the system and find out if they are satisfied with it or seek their money back. The application is available anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

Price breakdown:

Up to 15 attendees $49/month

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