How to Increase Your Business By Getting Listed on

  • April 27, 2011
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How to Increase Your Business By Getting Listed on

If you are a business owner, you must have heard about the popular coupon sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon. If you are a business owner you can’t afford to overlook these sites. outlines how you can get listed on Groupon, Living Social, or other social media sites and sky rocket your business.

These sites offer an outlet for businesses to offer huge discounts on products or services to be presented to a much wider audience. A specific number of users have to register for the offers to take effect and this motivates users to promote a business and its products. Find out how to market your business using sites like Groupon and Living Social, while offering a deal a day to customers. When your business is featured on these sites, this will help you to significantly increase your customer base, even though you have to share revenue and forfeit profit margins. The following will outline some of the ways your business could benefit from an association with these sites. In the event that you have many finished product that is not selling, then this would be a good opportunity to clear out the warehouse. This is very important, especially if you have to pay a significant amount of money to keep this inventory. This will be an excellent tool if you believe discounted sales can lead to more customers returning to your store to get more products at a high price. In this instance, you can think about the discount as well as the revenue shared as a cost to get customers. Even when some customers might not return following the initial sale to get certain products, they could be tempted to purchase more when it’s time to redeem on the coupon site. For instance, if you give two for one meal at your restaurant using the coupon site, the customer may also purchase a snack or drink at the regular price. If you’re able to make up for the reduced profits that you can get from the coupon marketplace with additional sales at full price, then this would allow you to win big. Another benefit of using sites like Groupon is to attract a younger demographic. The majority of the users on the sites are young with 68 % in the age from 18 to 34. As a result, this will be the ideal way for you to get your services and products to target demographic. It is possible to find other highly targeted demographic groups with about 77 % female, so ensure that you check the different markets to find the right one for your business. Finally, when it comes to a new business or one that is relocated when you use these marketplace this will be the ideal way to get familiar with a larger group of customers. In addition, whenever someone gets an excellent deal they generally tell others about it. Basically, this will be a relatively affordable way for you to expose products to new customers and sit back while word of mouth marketing effectively grows your business. What if your company doesn’t get accepted on or Living Social? This happens quite frequently. Your business doesn’t fit the criteria of what these social media sites are looking for. Don’t fear there are many copycat sites. For example I’ve heard of a junk removal company that got rejected by They simply contacted their local paper that ran social media/Groupon type deals online and in the local newspaper.

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Social media marketing takes persistence, results come with persistent and sustained effort. Now go out there and get your company listed on Groupon, Living Social, or the hundreds of copycat sites.

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