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  • May 1, 2011
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Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking by

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With the busy world around us, sometimes we wish for a helping hand to get more work done while we are on the computer. This review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking will show a person that there is  computer software that is designed to hear what is said and type it all out for the person. This is great if someone had a disability and wanted to work from home or help with much needed homework.

The Home Edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is great for individuals. Go to Facebook and tell the software what to do. Type up a book report for school, check your email, balance the check book, and so much more. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking will work three times faster than actually typing on the computer. It will recognize what is being said and also will learn your patterns of speech.

For Mac users, Dragon NaturallySpeaking provides four products:

–   Dragon Dictate

–   MacSpeech Scribe

–   MacSpeech Dictate Legal

–   MacSpeech Dictate Medical

Dragon NaturallySpeaking was built from scratch to make sure that everything worked properly on the Mac OS X. For example MacSpeech Scribe for Dragon NaturallySpeaking will have a person away from their desk and tell it their thoughts from an iPhone, Mac, or other digital devices.

The medical software for MacSpeech Dictate Medical for Dragon NaturallySpeaking will support fifty-four dental and medical specialties. The MacSpeech Dictate Legal will help with legal terminology. Choose the international software edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and a person could choose from Italian, German, French, or English.

Dragon Professional Version for the Dragon NaturallySpeaking is great for business for the PC. There are no transcriptionists to hire and productivity will get boosted just because work has become hands free. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking software will save the business money and bring down costs. This is also Section 508 compatible for handicapped employees.

Use the programs that are much needed. Use Word to type up an article, PowerPoint for a presentation, Outlook for email, Excel for worksheets, and so much more. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is guaranteed up to ninety-nine percent accurancy in speech recognition. Tell the Dragon Professional business terminology, acronyms, and other names to teach it your business to be recognized. Even create word lists custom made to be shared and networked with the rest of the employees.

There are so many things Dragon NaturallySpeaking can do for a person and a business. Get creative and write out your next best selling book in bits and pieces. Travel to seminars or conventions and record much needed notes until going back to the hotel room to load up to your PC. Have your child increase their reading and grammar skills by talking to the computer and seeing how the sentences should be spelled and formed with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Then, have them hear again by them reading what they originally said out loud but correctly.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a new modern way of doing work on the computer without needing a secretary or virtual assistant. It is worth the money upfront as Dragon Naturally Speaking will pay for itself in the long run.

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Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0

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