How to Start Advertising on

  • May 2, 2011
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How to Start Advertising on

Get started advertising on

If you haven’t started advertising on already, you should start now. Think FaceBook ads target users interests well, think again, PlentyOfFish takes this to a whole new targeting level. For many years now there have been a lot of improvements with regards to the world of online marketing. There are already easy and quick steps for you to have money online just like putting advertisements on a self-modified search engine, social networking site, or by investing in stock market online. One of the great achievements online, which maybe you have heard or seen before, is that you can now create advertisements online with advertisement-builder sites in just quick and easy steps. There are thousands and thousands of advertisement- builder websites to date and one of the most popular advertisement-builder websites is the

Get started advertising on is actually an online dating website for singles but the is also offering an advertisement service where you can build your advertisement and generally increase your revenues by up to five hundred thousand dollars a month by taking advantage on their targeting capabilities. Many business owners target their customers according to gender, age, zipcode, education, and profession so that only the visitors of the dating website Plenty of Fish that could be interested of the advertisement can see it.

To create an advertisement in the dating site, you just have to follow five important steps. First, you just have to open the link and then you click the link “Create your First Ad”. You should see a form and complete it. After you created an account by completing the form, you simply have to log in to the system. The second step is to, create a new campaign and simply complete the required fields. The third step is to make the advertisement’s design. Add images, text and links so that it would look more creative, but make sure that they are compliant. You should see your design in the creative preview after you submit the advertisement, which would also appear the same in the dating site of The fourth step is funding. Add funds to your advertisement so that it would run, and this section will also keep track in all your transactions. The “replenish my account” option would be the fifth step. This would still keep your ad running when your funds get to zero. It sure is optional but, recommended. Once you have funded your account, you are directed on the page where you usually start after you log in. There you could see all your campaigns and the reports and impressions that this add has made.  Editing and managing campaigns is one click of a link away. After clicking the campaign name, you can edit and manage your campaign already.

An example of an effective campaign would be the case study posted in It makes almost two hundred dollars everyday just by advertising in You can also be like him if you create effective ads with luring headlines, attractive images, and wonderful rates posted in the ad. Just look at the possibilities that advertising in can bring. So why not start advertising in Who knows? You might earn more than a thousand dollars each day just by advertising there.

Get started advertising on

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