Are Pay Per View (PPV) Networks Right For You?

  • May 6, 2011
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Are Pay Per View (PPV) Networks Right For You?

PPV advertising also known as Pay Per View is growing in popularity, but probably advertising you should avoid. Since it is still relatively new there is limited competition which means that you will be able to receive better rates for your traffic using this method. The traffic is cheaper, but are advertisers getting better results than traditional pay-per-click? Some swear by PPV traffic and others say it’s a waste of time. In this article I show you how to get started with PPV traffic and what are some of the best networks and marketing tactics. Just a quick warning traffic from PPV networks is sometimes no allowed. Pay close attention to advertiser guidelines. My opinion with paid to view advertising is stay away it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When you are setting up your PPV account you are able to do more than just bid on keywords. You have the option of bidding on websites (URL’s) where you would like for your ad to be displayed. You are also able to rotate your ad copy for testing purposes which makes PPV a great deal for someone who I is just starting out and is looking to maximize their advertising budget. The obvious URLs have lots and lots of competition, but the nice part about targeting with URLs virtually any URL you can think of is fair game. For you that means it’s virtually impossible to 100% saturate the market like pay-per-click sometimes feels.

Since each network has their own approval process you will want to see the different networks first and see what the requirements are. There are a few steps that you will take initially:

Step 1: The approval process

Step 2: Choose the Offer That You Want To Promote

Step 3: Choose the Keywords (or URL’s) You Want to Bid On

Step 4: Decide On What Your Budget Is Going to be (very important step)

Step 5: Start Tracking and Testing Your Traffic

One word of advice with PPV traffic is always always set a low daily budget. Once again always have a budget! You will quickly find out if the traffic is converting or not. There is a lot of junk traffic in PPV networks.

When you set up your page you will also want to ensure that you have a creative ready to use for your campaigns.

Let’s not forget that while you are tracking you may want to consider rotating your offer, this way you can test to see which ad copy is working and which is not. You can revise and tweak as needed to ensure the highest possible conversions.

How much money you make will be determined by what offer you choose to promote, and this can vary greatly from offer to offer.

From there, you can decide which offers you want to promote and since you can choose which offers you promote you can choose to promote the higher paying offers if you would like. Choose your campaigns carefully, read the terms and conditions if you plan to run affiliate offers, pay close attention to the look and feel of the landing page, and think about your future goals with the campaign. If the point of the campaign to capture e-mail addresses for future sales or generate a quick lead?

Here is a list of the top PPV networks available at the moment according to popularity:

Traffic Vance

Media Traffic

Lead Impact

Addon Network

Direct CPV

CPV Marketplace




Register for the networks you are interested in and follow the steps above to get started on your next traffic campaign. There is great opportunity with PPV networks, just make sure you test lots and lots of campaigns, set a budget, and pay close attention to your landing pages. Once again my opinion paid to view advertising is stay away it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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